Beastly Siberian Fir-Patchouli Beard Balm (Dry skin type)

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Product Description

Tame your beastly facial hair!
Beard balm is a must for any mustache and beard! Condition your facial hair and tone your skin with this all natural beard balm specially crafted for men.

This product is made in small batches to maximize quality.

Product contains beeswax, shea butter, babbassu oil, coconut oil, witch hazel and doTERRA Siberian Fir and Patchouli essential oils.

To use:
- Scrape out desired amount using back of your thumbnail
- Dissolve balm by rubbing between your palms
- Apply to your beard with your palms and fingers
- Once desired amount is applied you can shape as desired or comb/brush

Siberian Fir essential oil has a refreshing, woody scent that is known for its calming and relaxing properties. Siberian Fir has a unique chemical composition that is predominately bornyl acetate, which provides a majority of the easing benefits of this essential oil. Siberian Fir can be very soothing to the skin, making it an ideal essential oil to add to a comforting massage. When diffused, Siberian Fir can help promote feelings of easy breathing, while calming the emotions and providing a grounding effect.

Patchouli is a bushy herb from the mint family with stems reaching two or three feet in height and bearing small, pink-white flowers. Easily recognized for its rich, musky-sweet fragrance, Patchouli is regularly used in the perfume industry as well as in scented products such as laundry detergents and air fresheners. Patchouli is beneficial to the skin in many ways. It is often topically used to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and minor skin imperfections and to promote a smooth, glowing complexion. The fragrance of Patchouli provides a grounding, balancing effect on emotions.

Beastly Siberian Fir-Patchouli Beard Balm (Dry skin type) Beastly Siberian Fir-Patchouli Beard Balm (Dry skin type)