doTERRA Peppermint

$30.00 USD


Product Description

Peppermint is used for so many things! Make your own lip balm, tea, and more! Peppermint is also useful for headache and sinus relief, enhancing your focus and relieving stress!

Let's have tea!
One box of 20 peppermint flavored tea bags is $2.18 at our local store for a basic brand and more for the fancier brands. The box said "flavored" and did not list actual peppermint leaves as an ingredient.

One drop of doTERRA Peppermint is .07 cents (wholesale price) and that 1 drop's potency is equivalent to 28 cups of tea!

Each 15ml bottle contains 250 drops ....7,000 cups of tea!

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doTERRA Peppermint doTERRA Peppermint