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Dragonspit Dispensary

I am proudly affiliated with these natural health brands for all your health, personal and home care needs.

For products and services aligned to your specific needs, schedule a consultation with me.

To access the Dispensary, click the brand graphic below or visit:

Registration Code: AK3571

10% off your first order with code: HCPC3571Welcome

Free shipping on orders over $49

Free shipping & 5% off auto-shipped orders (after 1st order)

Phymat Life, Ultra Labs, SHAPE, doTERRA, iTOVI, Nature's Sunshine, Nutritional Resources and purO3 are not available in the Dispensary. Please click the graphic brand below for instructions on how to order these specific brands.

Phymat Life

Electromagnetic biofield recovery to reset the body's stress response from non-stop electronics and smart devices that can interrupt hormones, energy, mood, sleep and more.

Phymats are excellent for supporting stress detoxes, anxiety support, sleep and relaxation. They also work to support our metabolism, immune system, hormone balancing and overall mind-body-spirit wellness.

Available as a Infrared, Amethyst or 5-gem PEMF mat, you cannot go wrong with having one of these in your home.

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