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It's Your Journey

Welcome to your source for natural living on your terms! I'm so glad you found your way here.

Whether you are new to natural living or have tried it all and are ready to have things that work and are affordable this is your resource for finding that support, tools and guidance to bring it into reality.

It is what we call truly living your best life naturally!


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February 2021

Luxury in Living Naturally Well

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a store that sells a high end luxury brand of something? It is an experience shopping for those items. Things feel different to our touch, we notice the aromas and lights. 

The truth is luxury has become a marketing playground that has disrupted what it really means to feel luxurious. That feeling we get from shopping some exclusive expensive brand of whatever is something we don't need to spend all that money to experience because luxury is actually a natural state of being for each of us. It is the perfect demonstrated representation of who were were meant to be and what we were meant to do. This is a stark difference in how luxury has been marketed to us. We can choose to open it anytime we want simply by doing it, feeling it and experiencing it in our life, every day! Luxury occurs when we consciously realize we deserve more and better in our own life and what that represents to us individually is more enriching than physical things with fancy brand names on them. Real natural luxury is so enriching and expanding we never tire of it to search for something else. 

To have it manifest in your life, regardless of circumstance requires great vulnerability and bravery to let luxury loose so it can flow to us. That is frightening. We have lived so long in this fight or flight state of anxiety and stress focusing on survival that is feels utterly overwhelming to consider this is even possible. So we don't consider it. We walk away from it and go through our days mind numb and seeking the least painful path thinking this is all life has to offer us. It is time to let the luxury out my friend. We're going to figure out how to do that on this month's blog.


Hello! Nice to Meet You

Hi, my name is Amy and I'm a mom, wife, employee, business owner and woman who was overwhelmed with her life. I kept wishing things would get easier, simpler & less stressful in my life but each day I'd wake up to the same stress, chaos and to-do list over and over again. There had to be a better way and just wishing for it to change didn't seem to be making it happen.

I started writing a blog about how it was impacting my health, relationships & life while describing my struggle with how to make things better. It was then I discovered the solution was as simple as changing how we did basic every day things & what it truly means to live more naturally & simply in today's modern world.

What emerged completely changed the course of my family's life, created Dragonspit Apothecary & instilled a love of pure natural essential oils & products through doTERRA.  

​The mission of Dragonspit Apothecary is to share what I have learned to help you explore what is possible in your own life by providing reliable guidance & support in creating the ideal life you desire through your health & lifestyle.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


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