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October 2022

Stand Tall

I hesitated.

If I agreed to have my picture taken, post it on my Instagram and tag the business on the photo, I could be entered into a drawing for something I really wanted.


Why does it need to be a public picture?

Can't I just give them my email address on some drawing slip?


I had 50 reasons ready for why I shouldn't have my picture taken.


My hair was frizzy and I was sweaty from walking all over the place. It would look terrible. I'm too fat. My makeup needed to be refreshed. I was wearing my glasses on my shirt because I needed to take them on and off to see things.

I was not picture cute and ready.


 but... I really wanted to win that item!


Finally, I relented, dropped my backpack on the floor, handed this lady my phone and stood in front of that backdrop. I breathed deeply and smiled. It was over quickly. My phone was back safely in my hands as the lady told me what hash tags to add on my picture in order to be entered for this drawing.


Sigh, ok I just went for it.


I sent the picture to my husband with the comment, "I think I've slimmed down."

He quickly responded, yes you have.

I couldn't see it before but here was proof. A ton of social media comments and likes further reinforced what I had not seen. Yes, I sure had lost weight and looked fantastic.


I was standing tall right where I was in that moment and

there was nothing I needed to apologize for. I was me and I was enough.

While I don't think this was my best picture ever taken, it was a picture I could see a person who was truly standing free.

I was standing in my truth that I am human.

I am ever changing and I am me.


Losing weight is a healing process on body, mind and spirit.

It is a step into your freedom where you get to stand tall.


 Releasing what we are told to eat and do to lose weight has not served us in losing weight or building health. Most importantly it has not helped us love who we are in this very minute... frizzy hair and all.


I help you achieve your health goals

by individualizing the approach

and building health from the inside out.

Let's meet!


You can setup time with me through this link: https://p.bttr.to/3BcyS8q

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Hello! Nice to Meet You

Hi, my name is Amy and I'm a mom, wife, employee, business owner and woman who was overwhelmed with her life. I kept wishing things would get easier, simpler & less stressful but each day I'd wake up to the same stress, chaos and to-do list over and over again. It started to impact my health as well, making even easy things seem like a burden. There had to be a better way and just wishing for it to change didn't seem to be making it happen.

I started writing a blog about how it was impacting my health, relationships & life while describing my struggle with how to make things better. It was then I discovered the solution was as simple as changing how we did basic every day things & what it truly means to live more naturally & simply in today's modern world.  I followed this up with formal education to practice holistic health and provide natural support to my own family and now you too!

What emerged completely changed the course of my family's life, created Dragonspit Apothecary & instilled a love of pure nature to help us feel our best every day.   

​The mission of Dragonspit Apothecary is to share what I have learned to help you explore what is possible in your own life by providing reliable guidance & support in creating the ideal life you desire through your health & lifestyle.

Thank you for allowing me to help and serve you on your health journey. 

Welcome to your source for natural living on your terms! I'm so glad you found your way here.

Whether you are new to natural living or have tried it all and are ready to have things that work and are affordable this is your resource for finding that support, tools and guidance to bring it into reality.

It is what we call truly living your best life naturally!

It's Your Journey