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October Wellness

The time will soon change an hour back in the area I live. That will mean earlier sunsets, later sun rises and the start of the resting season. 

I sometimes have a hard time shifting from being busy all the time to resting resulting in laying in bed awake thinking of all I need to still do.Yet, this season reminds us that we all need rest regularly but that we need to use our time wisely. How we do that matters too. It can create space for us to grow and create enrichment in our lives that otherwise may be a missed opportunity.

This month the blog will focus on areas of time for our Mind, Body and Spirit. Join me on this journey of beautiful transformation we can create in our own lives.

Be sure to check out all the upcoming classes and events available in October to help you use your time to live more naturally. 


Learning Resources

The best way to see if living more naturally is for you is to learn what it means and what it looks like. Join us for an upcoming class to answer your questions, explore and learn.


Living Naturally in the Modern World

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Continuing Education

As my customer you have access to a robust learning series to help you use your new products and explore other products available. This training is self-paced series that you can choose the topics most important and interesting to you.

One-on-One Consulting

Uncomfortable in a small group or just prefer an individual personal conversation?
Book a time that works best for you to have your questions answered.

Start Your Journey

Ready to live more naturally and find what works for you?


Recipes & DIYS

One of the best parts of living naturally is how easy it is to incorporate natural products into many areas of your life. Check out our recipes, DIYs and top tips to put your natural products to use for you!


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