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2020 Wellness Box Challenge - March

Moving into the season of Spring we can often find it easier to start an exercise routine or just increase our activity. We are naturally more busy this time of year feeling a need to go outside and take in the fresh air. Having completed a cleanse in our January Wellness box (or February if you joined us later) and working to reduce our intake of processed, sugar and non-whole foods we feel ready to take on more of a challenge. We’re ready to align our movement with our dietary intake to progress more aggressively.

This month the Wellness Box focuses on supporting our activity level. It is aimed at supporting movement, exercise or just the intentional increase in daily activity that gets us physically moving more. We can use the natural allure of Spring’s energy to help us increase our own energy and build momentum in our health. It is as if nature just knows us too well and is providing us with exactly what we need, when we need it to achieve our goals.

The March 2020 Wellness Box contains these items for movement, activity and exercise support as well as some green cleaning action in time for spring:

  • Life Long Vitality

  • Mito2Max

  • TerraZyme

  • Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex or Deep Blue Rub

  • Wild Orange or Lemon Essential Oil

  • OnGuard Concentrate

  • OnGuard Detergent

Each of these items is directly tied to supporting our health in a complete and natural way. For instance the Life Long Vitality is a complete whole food based supplement system that gives us exactly what we need for nutrients and vitamins that we are not getting in our diets – even when we eat healthy. The Mito2Max is a natural energy supporter that helps our metabolism function optimally so we don’t feel bogged down with those 3PM sugar and salt cravings. The TerraZyme supplement is a must have for maintaining optimal digestive function that protects our immunity and help us draw out the essential nutrients we need from our foods. The Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex is for inflammation, soreness and pain. As we increase our activity level we may encounter some discomfort while we build up endurance and strength. Lastly, a citrus oil such as Wild Orange or Lemon in our water helps our body stay hydrated and eliminate things that are not helping us.

Often when we look to increase our activity and movement we can meet some resistance. Our body will hurt or we will lack the motivation. That is where this month’s wellness items help the most. These items help support that drive to move and desire to feel better. When aligned with the natural desire of this time of year to be more active especially outside we can quickly realize significant progress in how active we have become.

My guidelines for this month as I move from a preparation phase to a more active phase include these principles:

  • Trying a new activity or finding one I enjoy

  • Increasing my walk frequency and duration during the week

  • Forgiving myself if I slip a time of working out but holding myself lovingly accountable to do my best

  • Continuing to improve my eating habits to remove processed, sugary and salty foods

I invite you to join me on the 2020 Wellness Challenge. Each month I am providing a Wellness Box recommendation, simple guidelines and principles we can all apply and genuine support on your health journey. You can join the Member’s Forum for free to participate in this challenge.

To order this month’s Wellness Challenge Box as a new client click here:

If you are a current client you can order through your LRP to earn points back! Order by March 15 to receive the Product of the Month free with qualifying order. Also when ordering the Terrazyme, Mito2Max and Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex use the LLV add-on method to save even more on your order! Contact me for help if you need it.

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