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2020 Wellness Challenge Box - July

I think we tend to forget what FREE really means. How many times have you been drawn into something that was supposed to be free and it wasn’t really or what was free wasn’t worth it? I’ve fallen for it many times. Back when I used to clip coupons for my family the buy one get one free coupons were my favorites. Most of the time though it was on something we didn’t use that often or the price on it didn’t really save me that much. Free is one of those words that seems to be thrown around so much it can lose it’s value. We don’t instantly think of positive when the word free is involved.

Here’s what I mean by FREE – it’s living naturally, being financially free with no debt, and being able to experience the life we all crave inside. It’s letting go what isn’t serving us from realizing that real happiness in life. This is so much bigger than the little chintzy sales pressure use of this important word. It’s power, empowerment and liberation. Choosing a wellness box based on that was tough because there are so many options to choose. It’s the ability to customize for you able experience what it means to live naturally free from day 1.

To honor the word FREE and your experience of living naturally with this word, I’ve chosen to describe the value of what this means when you use doTERRA. If you haven’t heard about doTERRA let’s start there first. It is a natural health company focused on bringing the best of nature from around the globe to you. They are in my mind the leader in living what they offer and making this world a better place. In everything they do there is transparency, integrity and attention to quality. That alone is impressive and we haven’t even talked about their products yet.

If you want to learn more about this company check them out here:

When you use doTRERA products you are helping families just like your own. Beyond the benefits of these incredible products to me that is the biggest value. I know with every supplement, soap, lotion, cleaner and oil I use I’m directly helping another family. Given the choice of giving my money to a mega corporation to help their stock prices or a family I think it’s an easy decision.

To help you get what is important to you and your family and not something that isn’t a perfect fit that’s where the free Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire comes in. This is a short survey to get at the heart of what is important to you. From there doTERRA natural products are aligned to those specific interests and needs and we work a plan to your budget. That’s right I’m not interested in seeing you not be able to afford something I know is going to help you. I work alongside you in this process to help you build your natural health tools and support you with informational and educational resources so you can get what you need and what you can afford. The beauty of living natural is not that it costs more but rather that it cost less and it’s right for you. You can take the Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire here:

You get a detailed free report outlining a strategy based on your responses to the questions. We can shift and modify where you want but the result is a fully personalized strategy for you that will carry you through the next 3 to 6 months. Then we update it based on what’s next for you at that point. You pick what is right for you and I help you find the right tools and products to fulfill those needs while also supporting you in using them safely for maximum benefit.

The reason I say doTERRA costs less is not only because we can work within your budget needs but you can actually earn free products that you pick out and that are right for you. The doTERRA loyalty program earns you points back up to 30% on every order along with reimbursement in points from shipping. Those points accumulate and you use them on any monthly order you want to reduce monthly costs, pick up gift items or for the oils and products that are out of your price range. Many health savings accounts also allow for using those funds to pay for your monthly doTERRA order. (Check with your benefit administrator to verify your health savings account allows for this and if not ask that it be added)

Living naturally free to me means absolutely including natural products that support my health in the best way possible. It is seeing these products as tools to help my body heal, reduce risk of illness and disease and live my best life for as long as possible. Knowing I can control my own health physically, emotionally and spiritually is living freely to do what is right for me. This reduces the burden on our healthcare system while reducing cost out of my pocket. That is true freedom and I know its possible from my own experience these past 3 years.

The best way to know it for yourself is to try it. Click here to get started:

The other aspect of living naturally free is I can build a life helping others live their best life. Having a life on your terms is one of the most direct ways we can experience freedom. To find out more take the New Leader Assessment here to see what is right for you:

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