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5 Reasons You Need Oil on Your Feet

There are so many benefits to applying essential oils to the bottom of your feet!

This is an incredible method to use with children and adults to safely use oil and deliver maximum benefit to the body.  Here are the top 5 reasons you should be doing this every day!

1. Immediate Effect

When we apply essential oils to our feet the oil is more easily able to enter our bloodstream. In fact, putting a drop of oil on the bottom of your feet will have that oil completely throughout your body within 22 minutes after application.

The pores on the bottom of our feet are larger allowing for quick absorption. Additionally, this entry point allows the oil to bypass the liver and go directly into the bloodstream to quickly start providing results.

Reflexology is widely used to augment traditional care for the treatment of several conditions. This treatment method uses the feet to target specific health care needs, both physically and behaviorally, to deliver relief. The use of oils in this treatment further enhances this practice.

Close up of baby's foot in mother's hand

2. Safe Use

When using oils particularly with children, applying it to the bottom of their feet helps prevent them from licking, rubbing it off or getting it into their eyes.  It also helps prevent oils from getting into your eyes.

When applying oils to the skin, dilution is always recommended. Diluting oils helps the oil absorb into the skin and have less of it evaporate before it can be used to support the body.  Lotion or carrier oil is recommended.

3. Sensitive Skin

This method is also great for minimizing reaction on those with sensitive skin. Again, because the feet have larger pores and the skin is thicker in this area of the body the oil can be applied with less risk to irritation or reaction.

It is perfect for those that think essential oils don’t work on them.


4. Sun Sensitivity

Like sensitive skin concerns, some oils are not recommended for use topically when immediately followed by sun exposure. Mostly this applies to citrus based oils like Lemon, Lime, etc.

However, when you apply oils to your feet, you reduce the risk of sun sensitivity!

5. Foot Massage

What a wonderful treat for someone or yourself! Every time you apply oils to your feet it is an opportunity for self-care and appreciation for the feet that carry you literally everywhere.

Take the time to enjoy this moment!

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Interested in more?

If you would like more information about what oils are ideal to apply topically to your feet, please send me your questions. I’m always happy to help you.


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