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A Natural Theoretical Question

Do you ever see those theoretical questions on social media and wonder yeah what if that happened to me? What if I won millions of dollars, what would I buy first? What would happen if I really did have to get rid of sprinkled covered donuts for the rest of my life? Could I make it on a deserted island for a month with no internet, 4 famous characters and one was super annoying? Some of these questions are pretty far reaching but it got me thinking one day about my own theoretical question.

What would you do if you could only use nature in your life for one month?

For some of us the idea of living off nature entirely for one month sounds overwhelming, intimidating and even downright as absurd as the desert island question. However, as much as we would like to block out the memory of 2020 being the year we went through social distancing and scary viruses I think it is actually very timely to consider this seemingly innocent question. Could you make it if the stores closed and you could only get things from nature to live on, take care of your family, deal with emergencies, support your health and survive? Could you do it for a month?

There’s a lot of interesting ways to think about how to answer this question and we could come up with lots of what if scenarios for it too. However, at the core of this heavy question is assessing if you have the know-how to use nature in any given situation to fit your needs. Could you make it without going to a grocery store for things you need to live? Could you get by for medicine and first aid if the healthcare system was not available to help you? Can you keep yourself healthy and even improve health against viruses and germs using only what you could get from nature? That right there is a question I think a lot of people are discussing these days because what we went through and continue to see happen in some areas could easily happen again and be even more devastating and severe. Knowing how quickly things like disinfectants, sanitizer and cleaners were wiped off the shelves what would you turn to? What did you turn to in this last experience?

I think the COVID-19 experience opened a lot of our eyes about what could happen and how ill prepared any of us were for it. I consider my family prepared but I also found things that I’d like improve on for next time. I believe there will be a next time and a time after that. It isn’t my nature to think doomsday prepping but I do think there is a need to learn from this experience and have the right plan in place for next time. Here’s what that means for me and my family:

  • Looking at what we need to make cleaners and what we buy as products to assess what we need to have on hand to last a little while if those become hard to get next time

  • Being able to make products if I can’t find them for purchase

  • Being informed with reliable updates and information and being careful not to fall into social media and fake news chaos

  • Having tools and support in place for mental and physical well-being

  • Building an expanded first aid and medicine cabinet with natural options if over the counter and prescription options become limited

These steps may seem basic but for me it gave me a tremendous piece of mind for instance to know we weren’t subjected to price gouging on detergent and cleaners during the times when these items became scarce. I also felt good knowing we had options and knew how to make things that were hard to find. There is peace in chaos when you feel prepared, in control and have the knowledge to take care of yourself. I feel confident my family and I could live on nature for a month or more knowing what we do about living naturally today.

So if it happened again, what would you do differently in being prepared before hand and surviving during it?

What would you do if you could only use nature in your life for one month?

Would you be alright?

If you’re ready to be prepared, start with the Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire. Having the plan and knowledge to take care of your family is important in knowing how to respond if this happens again.

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