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A Passion for Work

Posted on February 19, 2020 by dragonspitapothecary

Many of us have lost the passion for day-to-day living. Oh sure we look forward to the Friday, the weekend, our summer vacation or some other major event. However we are always looking forward instead of where we are now. It’s always something in the future or something we’re waiting for that we are showing some excitement for. Some would call this wishing our life away.

With it being reported that over 70% of us are dissatisfied, feel insecure about or just plain don’t like our jobs it is little wonder why we are wishing our days by. We awake in the morning dreading that meeting that’s on our calendar for the day. We drive to work with worry about the latest round of layoffs that are occurring in a division you work with regularly. We sit at our desks hoping the day goes by smoothly and we can get out on time to pick up the kids. No where though is there an eagerness to do what we’re doing. It’s just a job. It could be gone tomorrow so we keep our head low and just do what we need and leave. Our life being outside work.

In my 30 plus career in healthcare I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. I’ve been laid off, fired, promoted, relocated, made promises to that were sometimes fulfilled and so on. I always thought I was lucky getting to work in a field that helped so many people. It was an industry I thought would always be secure because everyone at some time or other will need healthcare. In the beginning of my career I deeply cared and was passionate about everything I did at work. I wanted to learn it all and make it better with my own contributions. Alas we all start out that way don’t we? Yet at some point in our career burnout or some major hurt will come and the illusion of security, promise for our futures and value of our contributions will become shaken.

If I asked you what you would do if you won a large sum of money what would you say? Most I know, myself included would as one of our first things say we’re leaving our job. I’d pay off our house, plan a couple major trips I’ve always wanted to take and make sure my son’s college fun was loaded. I’d enjoy life doing things I love. Does that sound similar to what you would say? It’s funny to think how quickly we would discard our jobs if that happened to us. That tells me the statistics are true and we truly are not happy in our work. We are doing what we must trading our happiness, creativity, contribution and passion for a paycheck. A necessary and vital paycheck but nonetheless at an expense to ourselves.

When I think about passion and what it means in my life work is usually the last thing I’d say it about. I’m passionate about my family and making sure we have what we need. I’m passionate about my small business and this blog where I share what’s on my mind and what I’m learning for living more naturally. I’m passionate for things I love doing and that which makes me feel happy, excited, motivated and most like myself. Passion in my life is where I feel the most complete. It’s where I want to put my energy to create. It’s where I can let my own voice out and not feel like I need to tone it down or align it to the common ideals of others expectations. I don’t have to fit in and the more it feels authentic and the opposite of fitting in the more passionate I am about it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel that way all the time? Instead of waking up dreading what your day holds, wouldn’t it feel incredible to wake up and want to do everything on your list? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have energy throughout your day purely because you’re lo