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A Regular Day with Extraordinary Oils

Oils are every where in our home these days.  We still have some things to transition from chemical to natural based cleaners but the changes we’ve made so far I couldn’t be more satisfied on.

Now that we do have a bunch of things changed however, I wanted to show you what a regular day of the week looks like in our home with these essential oils. This will show you how easy they fit into your regular life and how much they can improve those mundane tasks.

Early Morning

When I’m getting ready for the day, I use essential oils and natural products. Here’s what’s going on in my bathroom:

Personal Care

  1. Natural bar body soap that we made with oils or doTERRA Body Wash (I like to switch it up)

  2. doTERRA HD Clear Foaming Facial Wash

  3. doTERRA Verage Moisturizer with a drop of Frankincense mixed in

  4. doTERRA Brightening Skin Gel

  5. Melaleuca for any breakout spots

  6. Natural deodrant

  7. Apply Motivate or Cheer to arms, neck to “be ready for day”


  1. Drop of Frankincense under my tongue

  2. Drop of Copaiba under my tongue

  3. Drop of Balance on bottom of each foot

  4. Drop of OnGuard on bottom of each foot


  1. Slim & Sassy Trim Shake mix with yogurt, a smoothie or as a shake or I may mix this with yogurt with a small scoop of the doTERRA TerraGreens

  2. 2 each of the Life Long Vitality supplements – Micro Plex VMz, x EO Mega and Alpha CRS+

  3. 2 TerraZyme Digestive Supplement

  4. 1 Slim & Sassy soft gel

  5. 1 Mito 2 Max supplement

  6. 1 Deep Blue Polyphenal Complex

  7. Coffee with drop of Peppermint for extra fun twist and energy focus


Daily Routine

  1. Set diffuser in office with Peppermint & Wild Orange to support focus, attention and energy (I’m fortunate to be able to work at home these days but …it’s still work)

  2. Run dishwasher using an all natural dish washing tablet we made with Lemon essential oil and OnGuard Concentrate Cleaner

  3. Wipe down counters with surface spray we made with Peppermint, Lemon, Purify essential oils

  4. Run load of laundry with OnGuard Laundry detergent

  5. Spray a stinky room with air freshener we made with Lavender essential oil

  6. Run dryer with wool dryer balls that have drops of Lime or Lavender essential oil on them



  1. Water with Citrus Bliss, Slim & Sassy or Grapefruit essential oils

  2. Tuna salad seasoned with Black Pepper and Cilantro essential oils

  3. OnGuard Foaming Hand Wash

  4. Apply Peace to arms and back of neck for help with work stress and drama

Mid Afternoon Pick Me Up

  1.  Refresh office diffuser if needed

  2. Water with Slim & Sassy essential oil for help with 3pm munchies


  1. 2 each of the Life Long Vitality supplements – Micro Plex VMz, x EO Mega and Alpha CRS+

  2. 1TerraZyme Digestive Supplement

  3. 1 PB Assist+ probiotic

  4. 2 Serenity soft gels

  5. 1 doTERRA Bone Nutrient Women’s Health supplement

  6. 1 doTERRA Phytoestrogen Women’s Health supplement

  7. Verage Wild Orange facial cleanser

  8. Verage Immortelle Hydration Serum with 1 drop Geranium mixed in

  9.  doTERRA  Anti-Aging Eye Cream

  10. doTERRA Skin Brightening Gel

  11. OnGuard drop on bottom of feet

  12. Drop of Frankincense on breasts and bottom of feet

  13. 1 drop of Copaiba under my tongue

  14. doTERRA Body Butter lotion for arms,legs, feet

  15. Diffuser setup with Serenity, Patchouli, Vetiver and  Breathe essential oils


I may be leaving a couple things off but in general you get the idea that my day is just like yours only with natural products.

Interested in more?

Are  you ready to overhaul your home and health with natural products that actually work and replace what you’re using now? doTERRA’s essential oils are 100% pure and tested to the highest standards possible by independent testers to ensure their purity and quality.

Email me for questions and help finding the right products to support your specific needs.

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