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Be Well – Naturally

doTERRA annually hosts Wellness Summits around the nation. The locations vary and are completely FREE to attend. If you want to also attend the business learning sessions there is a minor small $10 charge.

Here is the information doTERRA has on their website to describe what a Wellness Summit is:

Wellness Summits are doTERRA-sponsored events that provide unique opportunities to learn about and experience doTERRA. These events are designed to empower you at every level. Whether you are looking to build a healthier lifestyle or a successful business, doTERRA is here to support you.

Empowered Life—Increase your essential oil knowledge as product experts share usage tips and in-depth product education to help you and your family live a healthier more vibrant life.

Empowered Success—Be inspired as top dōTERRA leaders teach you from the new training platform,  simple step by step, business-building strategies that are based on principles of duplication, empowering you with the tools needed to achieve a successful doTERRA business.

Empowered You—Top Leadership experts will empower you with the skillset and mindset needed to become an influential and more purposeful leader as you share and build with doTERRA.

I know of no other company that gives as much education at no cost to anyone on this scale. This isn’t cheesy information to get you to buy something either. It is informative, high-quality, meaningful content that everyone can benefit from. Where else can you go and receive high quality educational information without pressure to buy something for absolutely nothing out of your pocket?

My Experience at the Wellness Summit

In my area, the Wellness Summit occurred in May a couple hours away from my home. I was so excited to get to attend and enjoy this experience. Below is a recap of the topics covered in this summit and the fun things doTERRA had for attendees.

The summit in my area was just 1 day starting at 9AM and lasting until about 4PM on Saturday. In some areas the summit will be split over a Saturday and Sunday time frame. Personally, I was pleased with the 1 day even though it was a very full day but it at least gave me part of my weekend to be with my family. However I could see how beneficial a longer summit would be too.

Upon arriving at the hotel where the summit was held, there was a need to show your ticket because the event had sold out. There was a line for those without tickets hoping for a seat. It was a very full place.

People attending this summit came from all over the region including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. While there were a lot of existing customers and Wellness Advocates there were also a lot of people coming to hear for the first time what doTERRA was even about. This is a perfect event to bring potential people you are sharing oils with to hear firsthand about this great company.

The topics that were most impressive to me were the review of the many programs doTERRA has for paying it forward. From helping stop sex trafficking most prevalent in Thailand, education and supporting Days for Girls to building wells, schools in rural villages and just generally being there to lift people up it was all very moving. They also have a program to help people learn how to get out of debt and live financially free. I was so moved and impressed with the demonstration of love this company has for people. It really reinforced why I love this company. I will be doing a more detailed post soon detailing these missions to share with all of you.

Other topics included a very good session on the Life Long Vitality supplements and why these are the number one product sold by doTERRA. I will be writing posts soon to provide this information to you. Wow what a great healthy product. One lady I met said she has bought six months of LLV just in case doTERRA ever has a shortage because she cannot live without it.

They also talked through the oil testing standards and ways they protect the quality of the oils all the way to your door. It was great to hear the elements of oils and see the specific farms these come from. There are 12 tests currently performed on every single oil. According to CPTG. The agency performing these tests, doTERRA is the only company doing all 12.

There were a ton of prize giveaway to the attendees. Everything from oils to supplements and diffusers were gifted. Everyone received a ticket at the door to be entered.

Everyone was also given a drop of Wild Orange and Peppermint oils upon entering and there were diffusers running everywhere in the conference room. It was lovely and made being all crammed in with so many people much more pleasant.

I know at other summits there will be vendors. At this one there were displays setup only.

It was the best free event I’ve ever attended.

Want to Go?

If you are interested in attending one of these summits, the link to the schedule is posted for your convenience below:

I encourage you to register and attend. Again, it is absolutely free for everyone and beautifully done. If you want to go with someone let me know. One of my team members around the country or I would love to go with you.

This is just one more reason why I love this company and am so proud to be a distributor for their wonderful essential oils and natural products.

Interested in more?

If you would like to learn more about essential oils and start using them in your own home, please reach out. I’m happy to help you.

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