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Celebrating in Natural Alignment

Why are we always so uncomfortable when the spotlight is on us? I mean the good spotlight too like our friends throwing us a surprise party or getting a big promotion at work. Those times when it truly is all about us and everyone is happy for us, giving us applause and gifts. Most of us are incredibly uncomfortable with that attention. We downplay the experience as being too much, unnecessary or even not about us but about our team.

Being honored and celebrated is an incredible recognition. It is also one of the most vulnerable moments we will ever experience. It feels good to receive and yet we’re bashful about it. It’s awkward and we’d rather be giving than have this uncomfortable vulnerability that someone else feels we are deserving, special and worthy of praise, celebration and loving attention. Why is it we are more comfortable giving than receiving? We would rather give the spotlight, gifts, recognition and praise to someone else publicly even though inside we know we deserve it. We earned it. We worked hard for it and yet we hold that part back from what we show others.

It’s very challenging for most women, including me to admit our age. We love our birthday because well it’s a day all about us. Yet when it comes to birthday celebrations where everyone celebrates it with us with gifts and attention we all of a sudden downplay it. We tell our friends they shouldn’t have bought us a gift or made such a fuss. We love it and yet we don’t because we’re uncomfortable in how to receive their love in this way. We feel exposed and vulnerable in this very beautiful moment. I love receiving gifts. It’s wonderful to get a surprise but I too suffer from what to feel inside and out when the attention and receipt of these things is in front of others.

Part of living more naturally and in alignment with who we are is coming to terms with how to give as well as receive. To remove the awkward vulnerability we experience when the spotlight is on us and instead embrace it. It is knowing and being comfortable with how we are perceived in these moments. Letting these moments be vulnerable and enjoying that experience of showing that side of us. It is of letting people love, lift up and shower us with their support openly and in recognition of us being who we are, where we are and what we have done.

The beautiful moment when we are being celebrated is when we let our emotions out in appreciation for our own accomplishments, milestones and achievements and let that radiate throughout those around us. We take our own energy of what is happening in our lives and share it. We let others experience what this feels like emotionally in joy, excitement, tears and more of what it feels like to be at this milestone, accomplishment, top of the mountain and more! The people around us in those moments are our best supporters who have been with us along that journey. They have watched us grow, transform, emerge, struggle, stumble and want to give up. We didn’t though and we’re here celebrating it so why not share with them the outcome of what it feels like inside?

I believe the more we stop downplaying the vulnerability with receiving the more we let who we truly are out. We lead by example. We inspire, motivate, strengthen and uplift others who are on their own journey. We show them it’s possible. We give them hope and we share a happiness most of us don’t get enough of in life. It doesn’t mean we are not humble or unappreciative or a spotlight hog either. It means we are comfortable with who we are and we recognize inside out what has been achieved, what is about to begin in our lives and where we have come. It is basking in the spotlight of attention and lovingly receiving recognition from others who are there celebrating that win, victory, milestone with us.

That is easier said that done I know. We are taught very early in our lives to not make a big deal of attention. Say thank you and show humility and humbleness. Don’t seek out the spotlight or draw unnecessary attention to yourself. I think we have greatly confused these teachings. It doesn’t make us arrogant to show how excited we are to have achieved something big. It doesn’t make us less humble to let emotions of tears, shouts of joy and relief for overcoming something and being recognized for it. It doesn’t make us a glory hound if we enjoy our birthday party. I believe it is entirely possible to enjoy more the receiving of attention, gifts, praise, recognition and more by just being more of who we are and letting go of what we think people will say or think about us.

That’s really the core of it isn’t it? It isn’t that we don’t know what a big deal it is to be promoted or have a milestone birthday. We know the hard work we put into something. The late nights, the early mornings, the push, challenge, struggle and more and we did it. We know inside we feel incredible about that too. Yet we hold back our own feelings inside because we’re afraid showing it will offend, off put or not be seen right by those around us. We’re worried people will think we’re not acting right, humble enough, or even appreciative if we show we actually love it. No it’s entirely better to downplay it and put the spotlight on them for making a fuss and telling them they shouldn’t have done it.

First, they should have done and obviously wanted to do it.

Second, what in the world logic is it that we cannot receive this in grace, appreciation and love while celebrating something big in own lives?

I encourage you to consider the next time someone gifts you something, recognizes you for an achievement or there’s a big celebration all because of you how you will respond. Will you negate it and downplay as fuss? Will you bask in it and love on the people who did that for you openly and vulnerable? Can you step out aligned and confident in who you are to let what’s inside you come out and share that energy, vibration, happiness and emotions of what has happened to cause this celebration out?

Let others lift you up my friend. Let them celebrate and rain gifts down on you. When you have the opportunity do it for someone you love too but when it happens for you don’t downplay it. Don’t hide from it. Don’t withhold. Let this be a moment of beauty and love that is aligned with who you are and those around you.

Are you ready to live more aligned naturally?

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