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Chilling with Summer Ice Cubes

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

There is something so delicious and delightful about having ice cubes that have started to melt and form the wet dew on the outside of a cold cup on a hot summer day. That moment you touch the cup you know what’s inside is going to be cold and refreshing. It quenches your thirst and leaves you desiring more soon after. Yes my friends this is the making of a perfect summer drink.

Unfortunately many favorite summer beverages are laden with sugar, preservatives and food coloring. The sports drinks promising to replace electrolytes that we lose when we sweat alongside diet sodas, carbonated waters all give the impression of being healthier but in fact many are not. They in fact steal our ability to appreciate a pure fulfilling and tasty natural beverage because our bodies now crave the sugar and sweetness from non-natural flavoring. The much sought after cold refreshing beverage is replaced with things that leave us feeling sluggish, bloated and still craving that replenishing drink.

Reclaiming Our Cups

I’ve tried several things over the years to increase the water my family drinks. To not buying sodas and sports drinks to using natural flavoring however we always seem to drift back to 12 ounce cans and bottles of prepackaged drinks.

This summer I’m trying something new entirely. Flavored Ice Cubes and shaved ice! It occurred to me that all of us in my family love lots of ice in our cups. We love that cold feeling on our tongues and mouths regardless of what is otherwise in the cup. It seems the ice cube may very well be the ticket to reclaiming what we put in our cups! Eureka!

What I’ve decided to try is mixing water with a couple drops of doTERRA essential oils and then making fun shaped ice cubes. The flavoring of the essential oil is delightful in water or even plain carbonated water giving the taste and feeling of not being deprived from one of the other types of drinks. We can then even shave these ice cubes to make fun shaved ice and color them with non-toxic natural flavoring like fresh strawberry or watermelon.

The best part of this transition on top of just having a much healthier cold refreshing beverage is the cost! A couple drops of doTERRA essential oil is literally pennies and not the $5 or more for a case of sports drinks or soda.

Since we are talking about drinking the essential oils through water I highly recommending using a pure oil. If you don’t trust that you can ingest an oil then I would question if you should be applying it to your skin or inhaling it at all. This is absolutely why I only use doTERRA’s oils. Don’t risk your health and safety due to questionable oils. It’s seriously not worth it.

In a 1 gallon bowl or jug of cold water, add one or more of the following oils that taste incredible! Start with about 6 drops per gallon and see how it taste to you. If you want more it’s easier to add a drop at a time to get the prefect taste you’re seeking.

You can also try mixing these flavors to find your own unique favorite twist!

Wild OrangeLemonLimeLavenderOnGuardPeppermintBergamotTangerineGrapefruit

I tend to go for more of the citrus oils because it’s also detoxifying for our bodies to help with water retention in the summer but again you can make this entirely your own unique flavor.

After mixing in the oil simply pour into ice cube molds and freeze! Yes I realize this is taking the place of the automated ice cube maker but it’s a fun simple way to get the kids to help over summer break and find flavors that truly everyone likes.

When needed, simply pop a couple cubes in your cup with some fresh water and sip away! You will want to use a glass or metal cup because your ice cubes have essential oils in them and that will make plastic material cloudy.

Interested in more?

It’s time to take back your summer beverage and support your health with truly refreshing and replenishing drinks. The more we work to eliminate or reduce our dependency on sports drinks and diet sodas the healthier our kidneys, blood pressure and general health will be.

If you have questions about the oils mentioned in this post or any of the doTERRA natural products please reach out through our Contact Me page!

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