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Exploring Essential Oils – The Trinity of Oils

In cooking there is a trinity of celery, pepper and onion that is the base of ingredients for many fabulous dishes.

When you first start out using essential oils, there are  3 oils you will typically start out. I recommend every new user of essential oils start with these 3 oils as a way to determine if they are right for you and explore the basics of essential oil uses.




Comparatively speaking the 3 base oils cost less than most other oils and give a new user the opportunity to experiment and learn before expanding into more complex and expensive oils. Learning to use oils safely, developing an appreciation for the potency of the oils and forming your personal path to oil use is best started with these 3 basic common oils.

Each has a multitude of uses and cover a great many  needs where an oil can help. Like cooking ingredients, these are the base oils and developing a good understanding of their uses will provide you a solid foundation to start your oil journey.


Known commonly for its relaxing effects and ability to soothe emotions, lavender is often the very first oil people think about when they are new to essential oils.  Many who have no experience at all with oils will identify lavender and know at least one thing that it is used for.

Due to its popularity, lavender, whether natural or chemically produced, is used in numerous products today including soaps, lotions, air fresheners, cleaners and more.

In its pure form, lavender essential oil can do a lot more than just freshen the air. It provides a wealth of benefits for emotional and physical health and can be used topically, aromatically and internally every day personally and in your home.

Some of the uses for lavender include:

  1. Acne treatment, skin rashes and hives

  2. Burns and scrapes

  3. Relaxation and meditation support

  4. Sleep enhancement

  5. Anxiety, depression and stress management

Once you’ve experimented with lavender, you can explore other oils in this family including, petitgrain and patchouli.