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Game Changing Moments

This year has certainly brought about an interesting array of events to our lives. It is a year that has required adaptability and grace as we watched normal life be redefined and shaped from events outside our control. Facing some of the challenges we did this year it tested our resolve while giving us the firm push we needed to make changes long overdue. While we endured it all we found good things in the midst that gave us hope, encouragement and most of all love even though it could be the most frustrating of times.

It is always when the chips are down, the game is on the line and things are at the critical point that we can make those choices that most dramatically change our life. At times it feels like a slow motion action film moment where the hero is reaching for the sword or throws that perfect shot that brings about the victory. We are the hero in this story and we have the choice to make in that moment for how the story will proceed. While we may not feel like we have that kind of power or decision we certainly do because what happens next impacts us and those we love most directly.

Why do we so often feel we do not have power?

Why do we feel so much of our life is dictated to us rather than a path of our own decisions?

There are too many times in my life where I felt I didn’t have a choice, yet is that really true? As I look at those game changing moments I’ve had where I needed to do something I still had a choice. There are always at least two choices right? Neither one can seem that great but we always have that decision. We always can choose to be a victor or a victim in any situation. Especially when things are crumbling around us and it seems like there is no hope, that is exactly when we need to decide how we’re going to rise and what we do next.

Too often I feel like we are comfortable in that victim status. We want someone else to make the decisions because it’s easier and if it goes wrong we can blame them. The burden of choices and decisions is heavy at times. When we are already stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted and even anxious and depressed we may not even feel capable of making a decision. I have found when this happens to me it is when I have let too much of my power be given away. I have the responsibilities of my life take over and forgotten that it is me driving all of it.

A large part of living naturally that I have found is the necessity of making the decisions that are right for us. Not what someone else describes how things should be or when but us. It is taking charge of those game changing moments and realizing we are truly more powerful than we realize. I didn’t realize how strong I was until I had to be strong in the moment, at that time, here, now. That is intimidating for many but imagine how different our world would be if more people acted on it? Imagine how many people would change the course of their life because they realized they had the power to do it?

I have come to realize those game changing moments are just very loud attention grabbing events that force us to claim our power. We had this power all along but it sat dormant while life went on every day. I ignored the fact I wasn’t happy or something was feeling good to me. I accepted things as the way life was supposed to be rather than what I needed. I packed away my dreams because I had to go to work every day and didn’t have time or energy for anything else. I gave up and gave in. It wasn’t until everything crumbled, blew up, was tore down, shaken and tossed that I realized I had a choice to continue as it was or build it the way I wanted it to be.