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How to be Curious & Not Kill Your Cat

I always liked to learn but I did better outside of a traditional classroom when I was younger. I needed that flexibility in my learning experience with things that I could put my hands on and try. While I’ve always loved to read I needed to learn in a way that allowed information to become mine before it meant anything. Memorizing things just for the sake or reciting them did not do much for me. If I wrote it down and had a chance to think about it, I remembered it long past a test. It truly amazes me how children today can sit at a laptop and never take a note yet remember and pass tests! It is cool as well as amazing to see how differently we have expanded our learning methods.

What I have realized though is regardless of how we learn best, it is when we are curious the magic of learning happens. That point where it becomes of interest and strikes that place we all have where we lift our heads and it all starts to connect and take shape. When we have that interest and curiosity because something has sparked our attention, ignited our mind and made even our eyes open wider. Even mild curiosity can grow into this awareness that we want to know more. It is just that too. More. The building of knowledge deep within our minds that is expanding based on interest, reliability and curiosity. Oh the teacher and subject that can strike that magic.

Now I’m not sure why cats are involved in the learning process. Why does their curiosity get them killed specifically? I’ve not had a lot of cats in my life but it seems they like us can be curious. They like us can be adventurous and try new things. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. However, is this saying really more about self imposing limits based on risks that may or may not exist?

Even though everything we do has risks it’s when it is unknown risk that we get anxious or start to think we can’t do something. We become fearful of venturing ahead and become cats afraid of water and shadows. We stay where it’s familiar and the risks are things we inherently accept as unavoidable but think we have a chance of security. It in turn lessens our curiosity over time and prevents us from looking at the other side of the fence at greener grass. Yes it may seem greener but getting there is just too risky or unknown so we stay where we are trying to forget we ever saw greener grass.

Sadly, as we get older I think we are prone to become less curious. We use our prior excitement for new as hard lessons of things that didn’t go well for us or others who told us their story. We prefer comfort over curiosity. However, that mindset is what creates the limits not only in our own mind but in that of how we teach our children. I believe it’s where the wisdom of why you shouldn’t do something and the adventure of trying something new become blurry and sometimes blocked. We forget that we are still living and need to learn, experience, and be curious to thrive. That is what makes the difference in how we feel, our health and our outlook.

The truth is everything is possible. Literally everything can be figured out too. It’s often a matter of how curious we are to take that opportunity in figuring it out and acting on it. That means taking on unknown risks and working through them too. Curiosity to me is the opening of a great big door that we can choose to open a little or swing it wide open. It isn’t limited to a classroom either. Every single day affords us this chance to learn, explore, adventure and experience even the familiar in a new way that teaches us something new. The opening of the curious door that leads to things unknown.

These don’t have to big bold exclamations of adventure either. Sometimes it’s just the small ordinary things we are curious about exploring that lead to life changing experiences. I believe this starts with our own choosing to no longer follow just what we are told as being the truth but rather discovery of it for ourselves. Curiosity starts with understanding our own mind and needs, then taking control of how those needs are met. Capturing the very essence of our being in a way that makes our soul come alive with just the thrill of living each day. Learning what it takes to support our needs in a natural way that feels good to us inside and out. Self discovery is often the very path to freedom and new experiences that are revolutionary from how we thought or were told life should be for us.

I like to think of natural living as a journey in curiosity and learning. It’s very definition challenges us to self-discover solutions right for us and let go of the one size fits most thinking. At the heart of natural living is you and your needs with experimentation on what fulfills those needs the best. It is also aligning our resources (budget) to those solutions so we have a full encompassing experience that touches every area of our life. Yet it all starts with a curious thought, a wondering idea and opportunity to solve a need and problem a new way. It starts by being open to learning something new.

I invite you to let your curious cat like nature free and explore with the free Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire.

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