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How to Spend Less and Feel Better

Doesn’t it seem as though everything “good” for you cost more?

Organic, pure, authentic, name brand, etc. always seems to cost more than “regular” stuff. If it’s what we need and should be feeding our bodies and minds, shouldn’t it actually cost less?

One of the reasons essential oils, herbalism and other natural health protocols are gaining momentum is that they actually cost less as well as are easy to get and effective in managing your health.  In the big picture, they actually cost less because:

  1. Per use you use much less than chemical based products so they last longer

  2. You’re immunity system is enhanced so you don’t get sick as often

  3. You’re less exposed to chemicals and toxins you’re body can’t process

  4. Compared to traditional over the counter and prescribed treatments the cost is significantly less and more effective in many cases

  5. Can compliment and support traditional treatments and care plans

New to Natural?

In every monthly special post I always include options for how to maximize your savings as a new person starting out using natural products. That is important because as a new user you’re looking for results as quickly as you can but you also don’t want to feel like you’re overpaying on something you may not be convinced yet works. I get that and appreciate what it means to protect the family household budget.

Natural Way

Let’s say you’re not a new user however, how do you save?

With doTERRA, whether you purchased a starter kit or simply paid that $35 initial membership fee you have already taken step one to saving a ton of money towards supporting your health naturally. That investment has just opened your very own path to accessing everything you’ll need to supporting a natural health lifestyle.

doTERRA’s cornerstone objective is to help us all live our best in our health and in our wallets. They actually have a Financial Freedom program for their Wellness Advocates to help them get out of debt. They intentionally go into areas of the world no one else will to help those that live there. I love that about this company because they actually mean what they say and do it.

This means that they  are not overcharging for oils and natural products. They source the best available and help us all find ways to get it in the most economical way possible.

Interesting to consider there is actually a company out there that has our backs right?

The Next Step

After choosing to use natural products and enrolling as a Wholesale Customer to have the ability to purchase items wholesale there is actually another way to expand your savings.

One of the best ways to maximize savings with your wholesale membership is to participate in doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). This is a monthly service where you can customize your order to get the products you want – as much or as little as you want and need. Every month you participate with a minimum 50 product value order you earn points. Those points accumulate and you can apply those points to get products for free.

What I got for Free in June

I generally use my LRP points most regularly to purchase my facial care products, laundry detergent and the more expensive oils that I can’t bring myself to spend actual money on. In June I had a lot of points built up and was able to replenish things I was running low on. This is what I used those points on and received FREE in June:

  1. Copaiba ($35 wholesale/$46.67 retail)

  2. Cedarwood ($13 wholesale/$17.33 retail)

  3. Serenity ($30 wholesale/$40 retail)

  4. Serenity Gel Caps ($19.50 wholesale/$26 retail)

  5. Spearmint ($29 wholesale/$38.67 retail)

  6. Melalueca ($19 wholesale/$25.33 retail)

  7. Black Pepper ($22 wholesale/$29.33 retail)

  8. Skin Brightening Gel ($34.50 wholesale/$46 retail)

Yes all of those I got for free using my points in this month’s order!

I also received a free bottle of Fennel ($18 wholesale/$20 retail) this month all because I participate in this program and had a qualifying order of 125 product value.

So adding that all up it equals $220 wholesale and $289.33 retail for oils and products I received for $0 out of pocket!

How it Works

doTERRA understands we are all coming from different places and created the LRP with great flexibility to support us in all our needs. Your LRP can work for you in saving  money because your LRP order can be of any value you want every month.

  1. If you had an unexpected expense and need to cut back on your current LRP order – not a problem. Placing even a very small order still keeps you active in LRP and you earn your shipping back in points.

  2. Placing a minimum 50 product value order enables you to earn points on that order too!

  3. You really love the free special they have running in a month and want more than 1 – not a problem – you can place multiple LRP orders per month to get those specials multiple times

  4. Don’t want to sell doTERRA- that’s alright! You can still enjoy the same benefits and access to specials that I do as a wholesale customer without the pressure of ever selling it

  5. Set the date you want your order every month and this can change month-to-month as you need

The longer you participate in LRP the points you can earn incrementally increase up to 30% back on your orders plus your shipping points. Here’s what that looks like:

  1. Wholesale customer 1 has just started using the LRP program and is earning 10% on her orders for the first 3 months – that’s $10 on every $100 she spends returned to her to use as she wants on other products. Plus she’s getting her shipping back in points so in this example it would be a minimum of 4 points per order

  2. If she places an order for those 3 months of $100 that’s $42 in free products

  3. Wholesale customer 2 has been on LRP for over a year and is earning 30% on her orders – that’s $30 for every $100 plus her shipping.

  4. Let’s say this customer places an $125 order for 12 months, she’s earning almost $500 in free product every year plus the free product of the month, plus other free things that come up during the year.

  5. She didn’t sell anything and doesn’t want to but yet she still enjoys the savings and discounts like I do!

Those points accumulate very quickly too!

But life happened…

Now let’s go back and say you had an expense this month and need to cut back on your LRP order as a result. Again, that’s not a problem. You don’t have to cancel it. There is not a penalty.  There are actually a couple options available to you:

  1. Place a small order of about $50 to earn points on your order

  2. Place a very small order of less than $50 to keep your LRP active for the month (but no points for the order)

  3. Place a hold on your LRP for the month

Holds can be placed as temporary measures to save where you are in earning points and keep you active in LRP.

This flexibility is perfect for when life happens but the beauty of this is your health does not have to take a back seat any longer. You can enjoy flexibility and support when and how you need it. Ultimately that means you come out ahead and feel better along the way.

The bottom line is you are actually coming out ahead on your expenses and health – who doesn’t want that?

Interested in more?

If you have questions about the Loyalty Rewards Program or any questions about natural health using doTERRA please reach out. There is never an obligation to purchase and I’m happy to help you get the information you need to make the right choice for you.

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