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How to Teach About Your Products

There are many ways you can approach selling your products. Many have found incredible success in making sales through teaching classes, hosting parties or making presentations. These methods are some of the best ways to share information, answer questions and demonstrate the value of your products. You have a captive audience and perfect opportunity to get your product directly into their hands.

Teaching classes though can be very challenging if you are nervous. It is also a lot of work preparing for that class that can seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way though! You know your products very well and you know how they can help people. Your presentation is simply the introduction of both to each other and letting your audience choose if they are ready to change. Here’s how to have a successful class:

Keep It Simple

Fussing over details like making appetizers, having beverages and having little extras isn’t necessary. It’s your choice if you want to have a snack and beverage served but don’t distract from your purpose.

If you serve a beverage I recommend water, sparkling or tap, so you can add in a drop of an essential oil for everyone to try. You can use doTERRA Lemon, Grapefruit, Slim & Sassy or another favorite oil. This is a beautiful way for everyone to try the oils and see for themselves how delicious they are right from the onset.

If you serve food, I recommend making something that contains the doTERRA essential oils. There are many wonderful easy recipes like dips, appetizers and more that provide a valuable way for people again to try the oils.


If your setting allows setup a diffuser and have it running in advance of the class. Having a wonderful diffusing scent in the area as people arrive gives a welcoming, calming energy to the class.

I recommend using 3 drops doTERRA Peppermint with 3 drops doTERRA Wild Orange. This much loved diffuser blend is beautiful and relaxing.

Be sure to remove any plug ins, scented candles and other air freshener items that your host may have in the room that work against the diffuser’s scent. While we know these items can be toxic we do not want to speak against our host in her home for using them. Just kindly ask in advance that those be removed so you can use the diffuser.

Stick to the Script

There are a multitude of topics you can teach on when it comes to natural health. In advance of the class work with your host to identify a topic of interest and need for her and her friends. What are they most interested in learning? What are they needing? This is a wonderful way to poll your participants and deliver content that is meaningful to them which in turn may well help with sales.

Create a class around the topic that works in the questions and interests you know your class wants to hear. Include products that speak to the needs of your topic and that are in the enrollment kits. Showing the savings of an enrollment kit while addressing problems is a wonderful way to win over customers.

Allow time for questions in your presentation. It usually works well if you take questions during the presentation and allows the conversation to flow. You can bring it back to your script if it starts to go too far from the path. The more people can talk about their own needs and see how your products can help in this setting the more convinced they will be to purchase.

If your host does not have a topic in mind or has never used natural products before a basic class on what they are, how to use them and where to put them is a great class. You can teach about the top 10 doTERRA essential oils that are in the Home Essentials Kit. The Essential Oils 101 brochure on my website is a wonderful companion to this type of class that you could use as a handout. (see

Interested in more?

Classes can be taught in person or online and both can be highly successful! Teaching a class should be an empowering activity for your business. The ability to confidently demonstrate the doTERRA products and show them in a meaningful way to those that are interested.

Starting your own business with the right tools at your hand so you can have beautiful class is all available in my Choose Your Path sets. These are complete sets of templates, tools and support to aide you in successfully watching your business flourish. Enroll today as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and get the Choose Your Path set that is right for you. Start here:

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