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Inspiring Passion

You know those times when you are so into what you are doing that you lose track of time and place? When that activity or focus is so strong it stays with you long afterwards?

That’s passion.

Passion is what gives us drive, determination, intention and fulfilled purpose.

Passion is also something that we can lose quickly when we feel stuck in a routine or situation that does not fulfill our soul.

The Passion oil from doTERRA contains the right ingredients to help us feel more confident, sure and inspired to do the things that make us feel alive. The oil blend contains Cardamon, Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove, Sandalwood and Jasmine. It was an early yet wonderful floral aroma that is lets us feel spontaneous, spirited and enlivened.

Passion Support

Duty surrounds us every where we go, whether it’s child care, family care, household needs, our jobs or just errands. We have lives that are full of responsibilities, chores, and obligations. After a while that can start to feel binding, constrained, serious and well dull. We can ask ourselves in these times if this is all life has to offer.

The Passion oil supports our minds desire to live more playfully, use our gifts of creativity and spontaneity and to try new things. It opens our hearts to consider possibilities and feel empowered to find ways to include these in our otherwise duty bound routines.

Passion is also a great personal oil to use as a perfume or fragrance when you are in your duty-bound situation but want to renew energy, intention and focus.


Cost Per Drop

Passion comes in a 5ml bottle containing 150 drops of creative inspiration.  This oil is more expensive than the others we are highlighting this month so it makes it ideal to consider the Aromatherapy Enrollment Kit option so that you can get this oil most economically. The cost per drop is $3.57. So for the price of the enrollment kit you are getting this oil at a significant savings as compared to purchasing it individually. In fact if you look at the almost $70 savings with the enrollment kit you are essentially receiving the Passion oil and Cheer oils that are in the kit for free.

The oil blend also comes premixed with fractionated coconut oil in a topical roller ball bottle. This version of the oil is $27.25

New Member Option

If you are new to oils and want to enroll to receive Passion at wholesale price, there is actually a very nice option available to you.

doTERRA has all 6 of the aromatherapy oils and a high-quality diffuser combined in a beautiful enrollment kit. This is only available for new members who setup a new wholesale membership account.

When you enroll, your initial membership fee of $35 is waived.


Interested in more?

If your life needs a shake up to insert more creative passion into your days, then consider Passion. By reducing the feelings of regime we can make even the drive to work every day seem more inspirational.

Contact me with questions or to get your Aromatherapy Kit today.

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