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Intentionally Stretching Time and Money

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Time is not endless for any of us. Money isn’t either. It can seem we only occasionally realize we can get ahead of things to enjoy those peaceful moments of security and freedom allowing us to make the most of our time and money.

Stretching time and money to fit our needs is possible when we truly understand the big picture of what is important. It may not seem like it but it is entirely possible. Taking a step back from social mandates of shoulds and musts to define our own boundaries helps us see the path for obtaining that open air free feeling. Balancing and protecting that against the responsibilities that make living possible, like paying bills and keeping food on the table, is an art form we can all benefit from mastering.

What It Means to Set Your Own Path

We are formed at a very young age to fit in with others. Follow the rules, play well with others and work hard to do your best. These are excellent principles but sometimes we limit ourselves to only living within these boundaries. We stop dreaming of what’s just beyond the rules and what it could mean for our life.

I believe when we stop dreaming of life outside the rules we start to see scarcity all around us – especially when it comes to time and money. We only see that we must work harder, do more and have more but ironically when we do just that we end up with less. Less fulfillment in our work, less energy to do the things we care about and less time with those we love. There’s also feelings of less gratitude and less of our own self identity and worth. I have encountered this time and again when I’ve pushed hard for a career move or things I thought we “should” be doing in our lives only to end up frustrated, disappointed, hurt and unsatisfied. It wasn’t that shiny on the other side of the fence once I got there.

However, when I stayed true to my dreams and worked towards those for some reason I continued to find a better way to deal with the noise of every day life. I had a better perspective and enjoy more of what we already have in our relationships, home and well-being. Funny how life works like that isn’t it? Yet we fall victim to thinking the harder push of things is the more honorable way to live and path to prosperity.

You may call that the half-full or half-empty viewpoint of life but I am starting to realize it is the full viewpoint. The reality of it is, changing our perspective will not magically make the bills get paid or even improve our current situation we may find ourselves, but it changes us. We stop seeing the limits and scarcity of what others are telling us is only possible and start looking out our own lenses. We start to figure out there is life outside the rules and we can have it! We start to see and hear own voice and actions that lead us to what is right for us and our family. It’s when that happens that we start to see the challenges and roadblocks as opportunities to overcome, navigate through or change direction completely.

How We Get There

Sometimes there really isn’t enough time and money to go around. We have to choose between convenience and what we can afford more often than we’d like. It’s when we’re making those types of choices that we can start to feel the nervousness of scarcity start to creep into our thoughts. It’s plain scary to think about it.

When I started shifting our home to natural options in our cleaners and personal care I was really worried about cost. I also didn’t have a lot of time due to traveling essentially every week for work. Here I was losing my mind with not being home much at all due to work, being mindful of our budget and bills at home and casually tossing out there that we should be using more natural products in our lives. I know this was not the perfect timing at all for this type of family decision but actually it was in fact the perfect timing.

See we were all under a lot of stress at that time. Me with being gone working at a job that was high stress, high chaos and high difficulty. My husband at home caring for our home and son on top of dealing with the new diagnosis of PTSD. Us each missing one another and just trying to get through the days. It was not working anymore. If there ever was a time for change it was now for all of us. We had to get real that we could no longer continue with chasing the shoulds and had to look hard at where we were going. That shift of thinking changed my view of scarcity to how to make things better. You bet it was still extremely scary financially and emotionally but what was the alternative going to look like?

First, I made a choice to start working on other work choices that would bring me home. I started mindfully being more consistent in using essential oils for my skincare and really investing the energy to trying to see if they would work for me. I also started including them in our home as part of cleaning and other personal care. I started getting knowledge about these essential oils and that’s when this blog was born to share and document what I was learning with others.

Sometimes we have to keep going down the chaos path but we can start to shift small things to help us change where that path will lead us.

What Helps On the Way

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick. There are still times I find myself slipping back into the scarcity mindset of what could happen in life. However, what I’ve learned is

  1. It actually costs much less than what we were using in everything I’ve tried and switched for personal care, preventative care and house cleaners

  2. Our health has improved

  3. There is a way to overcome even if it is a baby step

These oils are fantastic for supporting you when you feel the scarcity feelings coming on life tidal waves. This is what I used and grab every time it happens to me:

Wild Orange – Diffuse this oil or simply put a drop in your palms and breathe deeply. Put a drop in your water. Rub it on your feet bottoms. This is the Oil of Abundance! It helps with that discouragement when we’re stuck in bad situations, we feel work overwhelming and sucking us into a bottomless pit, or we’re stressed to the max. When you need to give yourself a time out and don’t have time for that – reach for this oil. I use this oil probably more than any others that I own for these reasons.

Cumin – This is the oil of balanced ambition. Remember above when I said we still need to work in the chaos but can build a dream out of it? This is the oil to help with that focus, determination, ambition and hope. It helps us realize we have all that we need to get to where we want to be.

Spikenard – helps us realize where we have come and how much we have achieved, overcome and survived. It helps us see the good in our story and let go of the feeling that only bad things happen to us.

Tangerine – This is the oil of cheer and creativity. When we are trying to figure out how to live beyond the rules and get to what is right for us, this is our support. We can use this oil when we are overwhelmed, heavyhearted and joyless from our circumstances.

Interested in more?

We can recreate how our time and money is used and put the scales of both in our favor. It is not easy work and it can seem impossible but having been through it, I promise it is not hopeless.

Please reach out if you have questions about the oils mentioned in this post. I’m happy to help you find what you need to help with your specific needs.

doTERRA is very economical and reasonably priced for the purest essential oils and products you can purchase when it comes to natural health support. Get your wellness box by simply clicking here:

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