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Is Natural Medicine Safe for You?

There are several thoughts when it comes to natural medicine, how we use it and what is an individual’s perspective about safe. The amazing thing is though it’s been around for thousands of years, and is man’s first medicine, the question of safety still comes up. Granted over time people have done and used some unsafe things in their time but yet natural medicine has been consistently in use through it all with little adaption.

So why then do we continually find it necessary to ask if it is safe?

At one point I too have asked the question about natural medicine being safe. You hear so many things it’s hard not to wonder some times. I’ve had potential customers even tell me they won’t use a natural product because it’s not governed and protected under the FDA. This always seemed strange to me too so I actually looked it up one time.

Who Oversees Natural Medicine?

The FDA does actually monitor and in some cases approves natural medicine in addition to numerous other products, pharmaceuticals and items people consume. Since natural health products, including herbs, homeopathies, essential oils, and more are not pharmaceuticals but rather based from nature itself, they are considered food. The FDA actually stands for Food and Drug Administration. Natural products therefore fall into the food side of their operation and are listed as safe.

The exception is homeopathy. The FDA monitors homeopathy remedies but does not regulate them. There is a current push by big pharma and medical associations to remove homeopathy access. This appears to be mostly monetarily driven as most homeopathic remedies are inexpensive and rely on nature rather than expensive labs. The United States is one of the few nations that does not actively support homeopathy. It is practiced worldwide commonly. In fact, it is known that Britain’s Royal Family and Mother Theresa used homeopathy for their health needs.

Now, here’s the catch. There’s always one right?

Let’s consider for a moment the number of drugs on the pharmacy side of the FDA’s operations. There are over 100 approved medicines on their list that are considered unsafe and dangerous by other countries, including Great Britai