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It Was a Dark and Scary Night...

This post was inspired by my son’s love of reading the Captain Underpants series and the classic Peanuts Halloween TV show. It is a little different than my normal blog posts so I hope you enjoy a little light-heart fun this week of Halloween.

Chapter 1 – It Always Rains at Night

It was a dark and stormy night when a seemingly ordinary mom, living in a seemingly ordinary neighborhood realized she needed to be different. This would be scandalous she thought. What would her friends say she worried. She paced the floor listening to the rumble of thunder outside and thick heavy raindrops hitting her roof while she paced and she wondered and she worried what it all could mean.

Was this the right decision she thought?

Would it really help she pondered?

Why now she pleaded!

These questions weighed heavy on the seemingly ordinary mom as she sipped tea and cuddled deep in a thick blanket against the freight of the night. As hard as she knew it may be and what people may say she knew she had to muster the courage to take that first step and so she devised a plan that would take her ordinary life into a the unknown and much feared natural forest. She knew her family’s health depended on it. It was a mission she would have to embark if she wanted to help them.

Chapter 2 – The Talking Mirror

In the morning, fraught from another sleepless night, the ordinary mom knew it couldn’t be put off any longer because the sleepless nights would just continue and she had delayed too long already. She put on her best ordinary mom outfit of black yoga pants, comfy over sized t-shirt and fixed her hair in it’s ordinary messy bun style. She wiped on some lip gloss and glanced at her tired eyes in staring back at her in the mirror. This has to stop she knew. The once vibrant, energetic ordinary mom knew this wasn’t how it should be and she had spent one too many sleepless nights toiling over how to make it better. This had better work she sternly told herself in the mirror.

Oddly the mirror heard this ordinary mom that day and answered back, “You won’t know if you don’t try. And your lip gloss is smeared might want to fix that.”

She then bravely went to her iPad and hit the Marco Polo app to open it. Her finger hesitated as she scrolled for the name she was looking for. Here it is she told herself. Yes this is who she needed. Yes they would know what to do and be able to help her. She hit the button and started to speak.

She told her story of pain, illness and concern. She poured out her worry and finally she asked the person on the other end, “What do I do? How do I make it better?”

Chapter 3 – The Wise Woman

Receiving this distraught ordinary mom’s Marco Polo was a wise woman named Amy. Yeah just Amy. Not Glenda The Good Witch or some strange mid-evil name that was mystical and hard to pronounce. Just Amy.

This wise woman Amy was well known for her wisdom and had helped many ordinary moms answer hard questions before. Everyone knew if you had a difficult question and were an ordinary mom then you needed to have the wise woman on your Marco Polo, in your email and on your social media. You also needed to read her blog every day with words of wisdom because her words were magic! (INSERT GLITTERLY SPARKLY WORDS IN YOUR IMAGINATION)

Hearing this ordinary mom’s plea for help, the wise woman carefully discerned the true need and worked up a magic potion that was sure to help this ordinary mom on her mission. She then lovingly sent the ordinary mom the key she would need to take to the big black natural forest to unlock the magic potion to help save her family.

“A drop of this and a drop of that. You can pet that harmless black cat. Take this recipe of a drop of this and a drop of that to the magical natural forest. And there you need to choose the tree that is the purest Don’t be fooled because many will look the same and they will do nothing but send you back from which you came You will know the right one and then your problems will be done.

Chapter 4 – The Evil Natural Forest

The ordinary mom had heard many things about the evil Natural Forest. It was said to be haunted by people who didn’t wear deodorant and had hairy legs and armpits. They ate granola and wore flouncy clothes that were hand dyed and sewn. Their hair was wild and their eyes even wilder as they spoke of the magic of the Natural Forest. They would talk and talk until ordinary moms like herself would be surrounded and confused and then that’s when they would strike to capture you and make you one of them.

No she couldn’t go there! It was just too much! Surely there had to be another way! And yet our ordinary mom knew it was her last option and she had to go into that Natural Forest to look for the magical tree.

That evening after the kids were asleep snug in their beds and the nightly storm began to rumble and shake with heavy drops falling on her roof, the ordinary mom poured some wine and began her mission into the Natural Forest.

She typed in the key the wise woman gave her and searched for the magical tree and ingredients she needed for the drop of this and drop of that. She began to see wild colors and long technical terms and the words of the wild people who lived in the Natural Forest come alive on her screen. Yet she pressed on ignoring their words and focusing on the one purest tree and source of what she needed.

Her quest seemed to take hours as she trudged onward deeper and deeper into the Natural Forest and yet it was just a few clicks away. Right there, in the middle of the Natural Forest was a beautiful tree filled with light and beauty none like the ordinary mom had ever seen before. This must be it she cried and began to run more quickly toward it before the wild people caught on where she was going.

Chapter 5 – The Purest Tree

Once at the Purest Tree in the evil Natural Forest, the ordinary mom began to feel different. Oh no she thought was this all a trick? Has the wise woman Amy led me astray? Am I going to be trapped forever in the Natural Forest?

Just then the wise woman Amy appeared and assured the ordinary mom that all would be well. What she was experiencing was the pure therapeutic goodness of nature that was healing her problems. She would rest well tonight and then in the morning be able to take the power of the Purest Tree with her to help her family.

The ordinary mom wasn’t sure about all this but she saw the sincerity in the wise woman’s face and took a chance this wasn’t trickery or sorcery or wild people in pretty white clothes floating before her like an illicit dream. She risked it and closed her eyes surrounded by the feelings of being comforted, at ease and at peace. She smelled Chamomile, Lavender, Vetiver and Laurel Leaf along with other scents she didn’t quite recognize but knew she liked. She drifted into an effortless sleep that felt like a luxurious nap in soft sheets and warm blankets where she could take as long as she needed.

Yes sleep my friend the wise woman whispered. All will be ok and you will feel much better soon. And just like that the ordinary mom was zonked out and snoring loudly that it reverberated through the trees sending the wild people back to their dark trees for the night.

Chapter 6 – Ordinary Mom Saves the Day

The next morning, the ordinary mom awoke still in her ordinary mom outfit from the journey yesterday and her messy bun well was now very messy from her pillow. Her lip gloss was long gone as she realized she slept the entire night!

How is this possible she thought? How did that happen? Why didn’t I pace and worry and overthink like I always do?

Not worrying about her overly messy hair she sent a Marco Polo to the wise woman to let her know she found the Purest Tree and drop of this and drop of that and it worked! The wise woman saw this Marco Polo and just smiled knowingly that once again her wise words had just helped another ordinary mom.

The ordinary mom jumped from her bed like she hadn’t done in ages and felt alive and vibrant once again! She felt so good she made nutritious lunches for her family that day and zipped through her day spreading energy everywhere she went. Her friends asked what was different. She quickly told them of the wise woman’s drop of this and that and shared some with them to try too.

Soon after everyone was resting beautifully and having endless energy that matched their children! The ordinary moms felt so great that after a while they even changed their ordinary mom outfits to colorful fun clothes and let their hair fly wild.

The End

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