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June Natural News

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Healthy Summer Days

School is less than a week from being out where I live. Many of my friends have children with milestones this year of graduating into middle school, high school and even college. For us it’s a pass from 2nd grade into 3rd but still a big milestone to see the growth our son has made this school year. Watching these rites of passage occur in our children’s lives is bittersweet some days.

Now that summer is here though we have some time to enjoy the fun times of warm weather, fun in the sun and relaxation. Much of our routines will become more relaxed with less pressure to get out the door for school buses or making sure homework is done. Packed lunches can now be fun family picnics and energy can be spent finding creative fun activities in the afternoons.

Keeping our children healthy though is a year round activity. They are growing at a rapid pace with constant changes occurring in their minds and bodies. By the time they return to school in a few months they will be taller, their arms and legs will be longer, their feet will have grown and their minds will be even smarter. Their bodies and minds stronger and a little more mature to take on the new school year.

All this month I am focusing the blog on the topic of our children’s health. There is no better time to hone in on the ways we can support and improve the foundations our children need to grow and enjoy health! I also have a wonderful guest writer this month who has written some great posts on child toxicity and eating. I know you are going to love her perspective and tips on helping protect our children’s health.

Child blowing bubbles in park

June Education and Events

Customized Classes

Curious about natural living and essential oils but want to learn about it on your turf and schedule? I’m happy to teach a customized topic of interest to you online or in person!

Simply select your preferred date and time at

Oil Camps

All new customers are automatically provided with at-your-pace access to Oil Camps 1 and 2 as well as a series on Emotional Health. These camps provide you with information as a new oil user to use your oils safely, learn about fun ways they can support your health and access to our favorite tips. These are professionally made training materials that are completely free to my existing and new customers.

doTERRA Living Magazine

The latest edition of the doTERRA Living Magazine can be viewed online!

June Specials


Enjoy these coupons from me to help jump start your natural health journey! Combining these coupons with the specials of this month from doTERRA can come to some huge savings for existing and new customers!

Father’s Day 2019

Natural living isn’t just a kid and mom thing! Dad’s also greatly benefit from the reduction in chemicals and toxins in their body. There are many great natural products to help dad feel his best and improve his health.

This is one of my favorite ways to support my husband naturally. Contact me to design a package customized for your dad or husband at

I Survived the School Year

If you’re local to where I am, gift your dad or treat yourself to an Aromatouch session! Simply pick your date and time at

On Sale

doTERRA OnGuard Concentrate is the secret to many of my cleaning recipes and ability to transform so much of my home to green cleaning while saving a bundle. It is a powerful cleaner that delivers effective results!

Savings Notes: With your wholesale account, this item is an extra 10% off, making it on sale for 35% off wholesale pricing. Stock up!!!


3 for 1 promotion this month in Wellness Boxes!!!! This month’s special is an excellent example of how the savings add up when you setup your monthly wellness box and order by the 15th of the month.

This month place your wellness box order by June 15 with 200PV and get 3 free products! Three full sized items that are incredible at supporting emotions, headaches, pain, restlessness and more!!!

Savings Notes: These oils total $68.50 when purchased individually (wholesale)!

Free Product of the Month

doTERRA has come out with some incredible new oil blends recently and this month we have another limited edition special that you can only get if you place a 125PV Wellness Order by June 15.

Add on an additional 75PV to this order and get the 3 free full sized oils!!

Savings Notes: This is a limited edition seasonal oil blend that you cannot otherwise purchase.

What’s In My Cart This Month

To help my existing customers capitalize on the savings I’m going to share with you what is in my loyalty wellness box this month. These savings are maximized when you use the monthly loyalty program and opt to receive a monthly wellness box full of goodies. Setup your loyalty order and earn points on this order. If you need help doing that please reach out to me.

Here’s what’s in my Wellness Box this month:

  1. OnGuard Detergent ($9.17 saved)

  2. Life Long Vitality with discounted add ons of the Deep Blue capsules, Terrazyme and Children’s Supplements Kit ($87 in savings when you bundle)

  3. OnGuard Concentrate (extra 10% off this month – $6.76 saved)

  4. DDR Prime Softgels ($18.33 saved)

  5. Phytoestrogen Complex ($26.10 saved)

  6. Be sure to select the $3.99 shipping option (earning you 4 points back)

  7. Free limited edition Summer Savory oil blend!

  8. Free Past Tense Roller ($19.50 saved)

  9. Free 15ml Aromatouch ($28 saved)

  10. Free 15ml Balance ($21 saved)

Click here to order what I have in my wellness box! (Free items will automatically add to your cart when this is setup as your June Wellness Box order on Loyalty Rewards. (Contact me if you need help)

Save when you transform your home by using my handy shopping checklist. These products are 100% all natural and have the high quality doTERRA essential oils in them!

New Customer Savings Strategies

As a new customer there are some very good ways to get a nice variety of natural products and oils to start with and have what you need to experience and experiment.

Option 1: June Savings

No photo description available.

Here’s what you save and get:

  1. $86.25 saved off the products in the kit

  2. $68.50 saved on a free 15ml Balance, 15ml Aromatouch and Past Tense Roller

  3. $35 initial membership fee waived

  4. Wellness consultation

  5. The Essential Life book after initial Loyalty Rewards order

Total Savings =  $299.75  56%

Option 2: June Kids Rule

This starter set is all about your children! Be sure to catch our June blog posts on great ways to use these items and help your kids have a safe and healthy summer.

Here’s what you save and get:

  1. $32 saved on the Aromatouch Diffuser Starter Set

  2. $15.50 saved on Kids Supplement set

  3. $31.67 saved on Kids Oil Kit

  4. $35 initial membership fee waived

  5. Wellness Consultation

  6. The Essential Life book after initial Loyalty Rewards order

Click here to purchase: Rule

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