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June Natural News

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Healthy Summer Days

School is less than a week from being out where I live. Many of my friends have children with milestones this year of graduating into middle school, high school and even college. For us it’s a pass from 2nd grade into 3rd but still a big milestone to see the growth our son has made this school year. Watching these rites of passage occur in our children’s lives is bittersweet some days.

Now that summer is here though we have some time to enjoy the fun times of warm weather, fun in the sun and relaxation. Much of our routines will become more relaxed with less pressure to get out the door for school buses or making sure homework is done. Packed lunches can now be fun family picnics and energy can be spent finding creative fun activities in the afternoons.

Keeping our children healthy though is a year round activity. They are growing at a rapid pace with constant changes occurring in their minds and bodies. By the time they return to school in a few months they will be taller, their arms and legs will be longer, their feet will have grown and their minds will be even smarter. Their bodies and minds stronger and a little more mature to take on the new school year.

All this month I am focusing the blog on the topic of our children’s health. There is no better time to hone in on the ways we can support and improve the foundations our children need to grow and enjoy health! I also have a wonderful guest writer this month who has written some great posts on child toxicity and eating. I know you are going to love her perspective and tips on helping protect our children’s health.

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