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Living Natural on a Shoestring Budget

Living by a budget is important.

So is living well and enjoying health and all that life has to offer us.

It is entirely possible to live within your budget means and get good natural products!

Using essential oils and natural products to remove toxins from your life and enjoy health does not have mean you need to bust your piggy bank and go for broke. Many oils can be used for a multitude of purposes making them versatile and simple to incorporate into your lifestyle and wallet.

With even a small amount you can introduce oils to your life and start enjoying increased savings to your budget and the benefits of having a natural solution in your health regime.

Here’s a 6 month plan for using just $50 each month to accomplish natural health. It shows you how to get  the oils you need and supports you in transitioning your life to one balanced with nature. It will also show you that in this time period you will have earned your $50 back – as in you get a FREE $50 to use on products of your choosing.

Month 1 – Total Budget $50

doTERRA’s wholesale membership is an initial $35 fee and then every year it renews it is $25. The beauty of this membership is that at renewal, doTERRA sends you a free bottle of Peppermint essential oil (Retail price $27.33).

After joining the wholesale club, every purchase you make is at least 25% off retail and you can earn points to use for future purchases.

So with our initial $50 budget here’s what we would do:

  1. Purchase a wholesale membership for $35

  2. Purchase 1 bottle of Lemon $10

Total spent $45

You are off to a strong start!

Month 2 – Total Budget $55

Carrying over the $5 we didn’t use in Month 1, we increase our budget this month to $55.

In this month, we want to maximize savings so enrolling in the Loyalty Rewards incentive program ensures we can do that with our stretched budget. Each month we place a 50PV (approximately $50 order) we will receive a portion of our purchase and the shipping costs back in the form of points. Those points will accumulate so we can purchase more expensive oils and products later.

In Month 2 our order would b