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Living Your Best Life... Every Day

When I first heard the comment that someone was living their best life, it was in reference to staying at a friends house that had a pool they could use for the weekend. It was a nice treat for a hot summer weekend for sure. However, the more I heard this saying it was always in reference to a single event or moment. Something that didn’t last before having to return back to your own place and reality. Real life didn’t seem to include this idea of living your best life outside of these rare moments. Is that true? Can we only live our best life in surprise moments when something happens to go right or we get some extra that we were not expecting?

I guess in some respects the answer lies in what you consider living your best life. For me and what I can discern from the descriptions I’ve heard about others using this comment it is when we feel happy, things are going well and we’re even having fun. It is the carefree moment when our true self shines and we don’t have a care in the world. What a shame we can’t feel like that all the time! I guess that has me really asking why not too. Why shouldn’t we feel like we can be ourselves and even be happy as much as possible every day in our lives? Does laughter really have only certain times it can be used?

This entire concept of living our best life is what led me to living more naturally. Feeling my best means I am at my most natural state where my laugh flows freely, smiles are often and I have a clear mind, energetic body and heart bursting with joy. It is the feeling of Christmas morning where you rush downstairs to see the presents. That feeling every single day is sometimes hard to manifest on a regular Monday morning though. I mean seriously going into work on a Monday is NOTHING like running down the stairs on Christmas morning. Not even close and yet it holds the challenge up to see how we could at least make it more aligned to that feeling.

A lot of this comes down to realizing how much we have put in our days that doesn’t fill us with happiness. It doesn’t mean all our obligations go null and we live like we don’t have responsibilities. There is after all still bills to pay but it means we take joy in doing even our chores because they lead to this larger feeling of our life being complete. It is possible to when we have chores that are not soul draining and instead allow us to still have joy in our hearts while working and energy at the end of the day to love our families. We have all the things in our life aligned in such a way that even going to work is fulfilling and happy for us. We enjoy what we do every day and we see the value and purpose of our life unfolding by the actions we take.

Powerful right? People pay inspirational speakers thousands of dollars to be told how to live their best life every day and it comes down to what we prioritize as important.

Where we put our energy is where we put our happiness. If something is not delivering on the happiness and fulfillment scale then why are we doing it? Where is it taking us long term? To reach the state of living our best life, this is the level of conversation we get to have with ourselves. The hard part is realizing how many excuses we put in front of our answers. All the “yeah, but” statements come flowing out of us like water in a hose. If there is a limitation we will say it and prevent any more time to be wasted dreaming of what can never be. I found myself telling myself I couldn’t do something because I was too old. Perhaps at this age I should be focusing on something more meaningful for my age. It didn’t feel good but it was “practical” and safe.

How many times have we put the brakes on living our best life because we thought we couldn’t, were too old, didn’t have enough money or it was impossible? It is terrifying to even consider isn’t it? We justify it by saying we can’t because we have bills to pay and can’t afford the risk. Yet the real impact to that is our own happiness and living that best life status.

Creating the living your best life feeling every day starts within our own minds to define what that looks like. Then, it is bravely taking the steps to create it, no matter how insane it may appear. The result is a naturally lived life where we are aligned and centered to our own heartbeat. Everything feels different, we feel different too. There is a draw of energy that feels incredible. Tapping into that flow of energy is where living your best life every day becomes reality.

Saving our best days for only the fun weekends is like saving the good china for holiday meals. Call it sage wisdom but much of it means to live life now and in a way that honors who we are and what is most important to us. I take that a step farther by saying it also means to live naturally well so our best days are lived every day.

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