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Loving on Our Military Families

Posted on November 11, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

In our neighborhood are several military families. There will be seasons where moving trucks line the streets of families moving in and out to take on new orders for the military. Some of the families will know each other having crossed paths in various moves and assignments and they will make new friends with new neighbors. There will be new children to play and hang at the school bus stop too! The life of a military family can be both exciting and challenging.

We moved into our neighborhood when it was still new. There was still construction occurring and many lots were still empty. It didn’t take long for those dirt patches to become family homes with grass covering the front lawns and moving trucks arriving with a household. I remember moving into our home on a blistering humid July weekend feeling excited to make this place our home. This was where we would raise our family, gather with friends and establish our roots. This is our home.

In the years we’ve lived here I’ve seen many families come and go. Many have become our friends that we will keep in touch and see every now and again. I often think of the military families that I see come and go and wonder how they endure so many moves every couple years. I admire their ability to pack up and go establishing a new home each time and being able to leave a house they love. I’m not sure I could do and I know for some of them it is a very hard transition as well. There are tears and hugs and memories of great times as we watch those moving trucks leave and wait for new friends to arrive.

Welcoming New Friends

Our son gets excited when he sees the moving trucks bringing a new family here. He will watch out for new kids to include and get to know them in school. He will ask them to go ride bikes or play video games and soon they are just like the other little boys on our street running together and chasing each other.

We will reach out and meet the parents of these new children and welcome them to our neighborhood. This simple greeting has turned into some beautiful friendships over the years. I admit I get sad when I know the family is starting to build a list of places they need to choose from and starting that process of thinking what is next when they leave our small neighborhood. Juno, Baton Rouge, Hawaii even will all appear on a piece of paper and the family will make that decision of where the moving trucks will take their things next. But for now I welcome them as friends and enjoy their company sharing coffee on the porch, a family meal and game night or birthday party.