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Luxury is in the Details

There is a draw to things that are well made. You can tell there was attention to the details and someone took their time to craft it just right. It feels different under your touch with an essence of being sturdy, durable and long lasting. It is unique and timeless making you feel and experience even simple every day things slightly differently. There is a refinement and craftsmanship of elegance and richness that brings us to the very distinction for what luxury feels like in our hands.

I think we have been fooled by what luxury looks and feels like. We’ve been told it feels like the soft pliable leather in an over-the-top expensive new car. It looks like massive foyers in grand sized homes with perfectly placed furniture no one ever sits on. It is furs, jewels and more representing a certain lifestyle that smells of richness and wealth. In reality though, luxury is none of these things. It is indeed an experience but much more simpler and beautiful than we have been made to believe through clever advertising and reality television. It is also much more obtainable and affordable than we assume. Yes, my friend we have been duped.

Luxury happens when details are exposed. The craftsmanship it takes to make something is demonstrated through the touch, taste, smell and feel of the results. It is an is experience that causes us to sit up and take notice. We are brought into mindful awareness of the details role in contributing to the completed results. We feel enriched through these intricate details weaved together that give us an elevated experience through our senses. We slow down and savor this moment, fully present and coming into focus where we are and how it is affecting us. It is comfortable and conforming to our needs as if we are finally completely understood in a way words cannot describe.

When we spend time creating something, putting our best effort into it and letting it consume us in the experience of this creation we often find luxury in the process. We become deeply and intently focused and interested in the creative process letting our imaginations come free in how we can make it unique and special. We put our best into it paying attention to every detail that will add flavor and customization to the results. The experience becomes a labor of love connecting the work of our own hands in the manifestation of something to be shared with and by others. It is no longer about what we are creating but rather who it is for and how they will enjoy it.

We can feel luxury in our life every day through the simple every day things we experience. They make our life more convenient and easier. They add substance and style while providing comfort. We feel luxury when we become aware of the experiences around us. Smelling the warm wafts of a homemade soup someone who loves us left simmering on the stove as we come in from the cold winter winds outside brings us aware of our comforting space we call home. Wrapping our hands around a warm mug of tea on a chilly afternoon is luxurious as much as it is soothing. The softness of a heavy handmade quilt wrapping around our legs as we watch snowflakes tumble down outside gives us comforting warmth and a sense of peace. Luxury is an experience of present moments strung together until we are mindfully aware of every moment in our life and the small every day things that make it wonderful.

I believe luxury is found in the details of our every day life. It is experienced when we become aware of the process of creating beauty in our day through attention on the small details of all we do. When we extend and share it freely with others that we love and hold dear as if wrapping them up in tight endless hugs from us it is luxury. We see life differently and feel more optimistic. Life feels gentler and we find those small signs of joy in our day making us feel comforted and loved. It slows us down to let them imprint on us the feeling of luxury we are surrounded by.

Nature is very luxurious. It is timeless and creatively well made in its uniqueness and beauty. It awakens all our senses with the very smallest of details. In this space, we can feel calmer as we slow down to take it all in. The birds chirping remind us of life’s heartbeat and the delicate weaving of details that hold us all in balance. Those first few brave buds emerging from a tree tell us of nature’s bold beauty about to be gracefully unfolded. Nature provides us with luxury of its details every day and we simply need to look up to experience it. We can let it consume us sharing in its energy of love, comfort and luxury to recharge our own manifestation of luxury each day.

What I love about nature’s luxury is its purity. It can be imitated and much like imitated luxury a discerning eye knows the differences because nature itself cannot be replicated making it uniquely custom. The essence of nature awakens our senses to its smallest details letting us know we are experiencing something special. We can feel nature shared with us as it changes our energy to a calmer more present state. I truly believe this is why we feel different standing on a beach or mountain scene. It is pure, good, solid and durable. We feel encompassed in its strength and nothing is left untouched by it’s presence. The details of nature are perfect.

Using nature in our life is the best form of luxury. It is an experience that can help us navigate our days to stay aligned with being present and aware. We are aware of the delicate details and how they make us feel different, soothed, healed, transformed. The details of nature become part of who we are and we share it with others as we encourage them to also slow down and smell the roses. The sensation that makes our hair stand up on our arms as we get near it tells us this is luxurious energy meant just for us. It is where we are meant to live and feel our true self in every moment.

The simple details that sometimes get overlooked but can in fact make the difference in our very life every day. That is living naturally well my friend with luxury surrounding us with every breath. Can you feel it?

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