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Maddie’s Mat

Is there ever a project you sort of dread having to do?

I mean yeah you were super excited about it at first but then as time went on and you got the materials to make the project you sort of lost ambition? Momentum? Or just sort of didn’t know how to get it done?

This is a simple project!

A friend of mine reached out to ask if I would make an over sized mat for her dog table. They took an old coffee table and cut down the legs to make a table for their dog to access her food and water without straining her neck. It’s a very nice wooden table and my friend wanted a lovely mat to cover the top for protecting the wood and giving it a nice accent. Simple, easy. Of course I said I would do it. It was basically an over sized place mat and shouldn’t take anything to whip up.

Maddie, a beautiful white Golden Retriever, is lovingly called The Czarina for a reason. She’s super friendly, playful and loving but make no bones about it she’s all royalty. It would only suit her to have an elegant place mat for her food and water to be served.


Her owner asked for something in red and/or navy that was stylish yet practical. I sent her several pictures of fabrics with none really hitting the mark so far.  Well for the past couple months I had been searching for the perfect fabric for said mat.

16×36 is the end size and it really shouldn’t be that difficult right?

UGH!*&%&!!!!  and another UGH!(*&*^(%&%*%*%! just for good measure!)

I am so embarrassed it’s taken me so long to finish this but the results are quite stunning. It was right to wait and find the perfect fabric.

The buttons are perfect for making sure her bowls do not slide as she’s using them.

Then of course with the little extra fabric I made up this little pillow to accessorize her pet bed or some other nook of her preference.

Now that it’s all finished I seriously don’t know why it took me so long to do it.

Thankfully The Czarina is very forgiving and still loves me anyway…. or is it only because I have treats in my pocket?

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