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March Natural News

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Ah, springtime is in the air…. or coming soon to your area. Finally we can start letting go of the blustery cold binds of winter and start to feel the warm winds touch our face.

Spring has a way of awakening not only the Earth but our souls. We feel lighter, happier and more energetic. We are interested to watch the changes outside go from browns and grays to greens, yellows, pinks, and reds with the blooming of grass, trees and flowers. Nature is coming alive once again and so are we.

We are most in tune with nature during these transitional seasons of Spring and Fall. It’s not that we don’t notice Summer and Winter but we are more aware of the changes occurring during these other two seasons. It touches us personally and we respond much like the seasons do in terms of how we feel, the activities we choose and foods we eat.

All this month we will be focusing on our personal environments and how nature influences our feelings, spirit and health. It is the time many of us think of purging, cleaning out, simplifying and redoing our environments just like Spring is redoing our landscape into colorful shades and new looks. This month’s posts will look at how we can support these desired changes with natural options and use this time to change how we look at our spaces with a fresh eye to what serves us.

March Education and Events

Coffee Chat

The first Saturday of each month we host a free Coffee Chat! This is a free time for you to come with your questions and explore. We discuss what is on your mind, natural solutions for your health and home and provide resources for learning more. You can pop on with your specific question and then leave or stay the whole time and hear what others are asking.

Join us here March 2, 4PM ET –

Customized Classes

Curious about natural living and essential oils but want to learn about it on your turf and schedule? I’m happy to teach a customized topic of interest to you online or in person!

Simply select your preferred date and time at

Oil Camps

All new customers are automatically provided with at-your-pace access to Oil Camps 1 and 2 as well as a series on Emotional Health. These camps provide you with information as a new oil user to use your oils safely, learn about fun ways they can support your health and access to our favorite tips. These are professionally made training materials that are completely free to my existing and new customers.

doTERRA Living Magazine

The latest edition of the doTERRA Living Magazine can be viewed online!

March Specials

On Sale – 10% off Mito2Max

If you are looking to increase your energy, naturally without the rush or crash then this is what you need. When we feel better we can be more active and accomplish all those springtime tasks. This is also a great alternative to the 3pm sugar cravings.

Savings Notes: This item is $35.55 (wholesale). With an additional 10% off this month, wholesale customers are receiving a 35% discount.

Specials – DEEP BLUE!

Of all the wonderful things my customers tell me they love about doTERRA, the number one product they purchase is Deep Blue. Whether it’s the oil, rub or capsules, this pain soothing, inflammation healing, feel better blend works quickly and effectively.

This month, you can receive BOTH the Deep Blue 5ml oil AND Deep Blue 4oz Rub for Free with a 200PV order between March 1 and March 31.

Savings Notes: The Deep Blue 5ml oil is $33 (wholesale) and the Deep Blue Rub is $32 (wholesale) but this month through March 31 customers can receive both for free with a qualifying order of 200PV.

Free Product of the Month – Lemongrass