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Maximum Benefits

Too often with network market products there is a fear you have to invest more than you want to get the product. There’s a push to host parties, buy couple hundred dollars of product or sell product. It can be a turnoff financially and emotionally for potential customers.

I think doTERRA got it right.

There are options and freedom to do want is right for you financially, emotionally and spiritually. Wellness Advocates are encouraged to educate, share and support people on their journey wherever that is instead of trying to fit them into the doTERRA framework.

First let’s look at the differences between a Wellness Advocate and a Wholesale Customer.

  1. Both can access sales, products of the month, earn points on their purchases and receive support

  2. Both enjoy wholesale prices that are 25% less than retail

  3. The only difference is a Wellness Advocate can enroll others and earn commissions on sales made

  4. A Wellness Advocate and Wholesale Customer can choose to change their role from one to the other at any time

  5. You do not have to host a party or bug your friends to buy in order to get a host gift or special

For both, the best way to maximize benefits with doTerra is to enroll as either a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer and participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Enrollment options

Enrollment can occur by purchasing an enrollment kit or paying the $35 enrollment fee.

Economically the enrollment kits are the better deal if you’re interested in using oils and starting with a good solid selection. Purchasing the oils individually can be done but as a new member you come out with a greater value for your dollar with an enrollment kit.

For example, the Home Essentials Kit contains the top 10  most commonly used oils and a couple bonuses that are commonly purchased by oil users with doTERRA. Let’s look at the price between buying these oils as a kit versus individually.