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Maximum Benefits

Too often with network market products there is a fear you have to invest more than you want to get the product. There’s a push to host parties, buy couple hundred dollars of product or sell product. It can be a turnoff financially and emotionally for potential customers.

I think doTERRA got it right.

There are options and freedom to do want is right for you financially, emotionally and spiritually. Wellness Advocates are encouraged to educate, share and support people on their journey wherever that is instead of trying to fit them into the doTERRA framework.

First let’s look at the differences between a Wellness Advocate and a Wholesale Customer.

  1. Both can access sales, products of the month, earn points on their purchases and receive support

  2. Both enjoy wholesale prices that are 25% less than retail

  3. The only difference is a Wellness Advocate can enroll others and earn commissions on sales made

  4. A Wellness Advocate and Wholesale Customer can choose to change their role from one to the other at any time

  5. You do not have to host a party or bug your friends to buy in order to get a host gift or special

For both, the best way to maximize benefits with doTerra is to enroll as either a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer and participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Enrollment options

Enrollment can occur by purchasing an enrollment kit or paying the $35 enrollment fee.

Economically the enrollment kits are the better deal if you’re interested in using oils and starting with a good solid selection. Purchasing the oils individually can be done but as a new member you come out with a greater value for your dollar with an enrollment kit.

For example, the Home Essentials Kit contains the top 10  most commonly used oils and a couple bonuses that are commonly purchased by oil users with doTERRA. Let’s look at the price between buying these oils as a kit versus individually.


This kit sells wholesale for $275.00 and $366.67 retail. A new enrollee would get the $275 pricing.

If you were to buy the products shown above at wholesale or retail individually it would cost:WholesaleRetailFrankincense69.7593Lemon1013.33Lavender2128Melaleuca1925.33Oregano2432Peppermint20.527.33Breathe2026.66DigestZen3141.33On Guard3242.67Deep Blue3242.67Petal Diffuser4762.66326.25434.98

The difference being quite significant in cost! ($51.25 wholesale and a whopping $159.68 retail)

Membership Renewal

Each year you renew your membership there is an annual fee of $25. As a gift for renewing, doterra gives you a free 15ml bottle of Peppermint that wholesale prices at $20.50. This of course makes your membership fee a total cost of $5.50 each year.

That’s a tough bargain to beat with any other club membership.

Loyalty Rewards Program

After enrollment the next way to maximize benefits is with the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). This is basically an auto shipment of doTERRA products that you can customize each month with what you like. There is no minimum order requirements.

Order Points

Each month you have an LRP setup you earn a percentage of points back from your monthly order. As the chart shows basically every 3 months on LRP you earn an increase of points from your purchases up to 30%. These points can be used for most doTERRA products. There are a couple exceptions being the products offered in a Buy One Get One sale or other special limitations stated by doTERRA.


To earn LRP order points your LRP must be at least $50 product value (PV). PV is typically the same as the dollar value of the oils. Products will have a slight difference in cost to PV.

Shipping Points

Another way to earn points is with your shipping. This benefit makes shipping free on all LRP orders. Regardless of shipping preference selected, an LRP order will get the equivalent returned in the form of points. No minimum PV order value required to earn shipping points.

Product of the Month

A product of the month is a free product added to your LRP order automatically when the PV is at least 125 and the order processes by the 15th of the month.

This is a fantastic way to try new products and save on favorites.

Monthly specials

There are two types of monthly specials that could be offered

1. On sale item. Typically a product that is another 10% off on top of the 25% wholesale pricing. This can be added to any LRP order and is usually limited to a quantity of 5 total.

2. Free product with a 200 PV LRP order. The free product is usually a higher value oil or product that will be automatically added to the LRP order if it has at least 200 PV.  Economically this is a good deal for something like frankincense that costs wholesale $69.75 but can be earned free with an 200 PV order.

Buy One Get One Promotion (BOGO)

Two to three times a year doTERRA will have a BOGO week that provides the opportunity to purchase an oil at wholesale price and receive a different oil or product for free.

This too is a great way to try new oils and stock up on favorites.

Points can be earned on BOGO when purchased via an LRP order form and containing 50 PV.

Shipping points are also earned.

At the end of the day, doTERRA rewards are very attractive and come with a nice peace of mind their oils are 100% pure.

Interested in more?

If you’re interested in taking advantage of great pricing and fantastic pure oils, let me know! I’m happy to help you find the best oils for your needs.


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