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Men Do It Too

Like women, many men try to be healthy by working out, eating right and practicing other healthy habits.  However, when it comes to family health, in most homes attention to the underlying methods used typically come from the female in the household.

When considering a natural solutions transition whether for physical or emotional healthcare, cleaning or other uses it is usually facilitated and implemented by the woman as well. This is not to say men do not use essential oils and natural products but their interest and exposure of today is typically the result of a woman introducing them to the family.

The reason for women being the cornerstone of the family’s health is two-fold. First, the majority of marketing is aimed at women. As an example, when you see a commercial for a child’s over-the-counter fever-reducer medication it typically features the child with his mother as the primary characters. Men are strategically placed as secondary players in these commercials reinforcing this notion of women being the primary caregivers in times of illness.

The majority of cleaning products and commercials for them are also aimed at women. From bottle design to the scent, it is geared towards the attention of women. In fact many stores layout their merchandise to align with how a woman would walk the store, what she typically shops for and how she may approach impulse buys.

Secondly, women by tradition were the keepers of the hearth. While women and men carry lots of different roles in today’s household, this underlying stereotype still exists where women take care of the home and the family when it comes to health, nutrition and keeping the home functioning.

When it comes to essential oils, however, men were once the primary makers, distributors and users! Men were more often than women the healers, medicine men, religious leaders, community leaders and those that used currency to trade and support their families using natural elements such as herbs, spices and essential oils.  Men planted, harvested and made the essential oils that were later sold and used to barter for things the family needed.

Today, reaching men to encourage them to use essential oils is challenging. Part of this is because sometimes it takes a bit to convince a man to try something. However, there are several tangible benefits men can realize from using natural essential oils in their life.

  1. Skincare – razor burn, toner, moisturizer, cleanser

  2. Hair – conditioning and loss management

  3. Diet and weight support

  4. Digestive system improvement

  5. Emotional support – depression, anxiety, stress

  6. Sleep support

  7. Sex drive balance

A couple articles written about men’s health and some oils for their needs are listed below:

Incorporating essential oils into your life, whether man or woman, is healthy because it reduces toxic load in our bodies and helps our bodies build natural immunity. Essential oils heal our bodies and helps us become stronger because we are less dependent on chemical nutrients that our bodies cannot break down and use.

So yes, men use essential oils too and… it’s good for them.

Interested in more?

If you would like to learn more about essential oils please let me know. I’m happy to help you find the oils that are great for your needs and interests. No purchase is necessary.

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