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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Posted on August 22, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

I have worked in corporate America for the past 30+ years and have sat through a lot of training classes. I am a horrible student and cringe at the thought of another training class I need to attend. Training has its period where it is hot on the corporate landscape and then there are times when it lulls in focus and funding. It’s expensive to create and keep training programs going and even more expensive to put thousands of employees through training. Companies spend billions each year on training to help their employees stay on top of latest trends, find ways to make working together easier and teach us new skills.

In all of the training I have been through in the corporate world nothing prepared me for the onslaught of personal development training that rushes through the direct sales industry. Every where you turn there is a new program, training, webinar or book about personal development. It is as if this single industry has more to develop personally from than any other out there and there is never enough done on this very important topic. If you feel you need help navigating the personal development section of your local bookstore, find a direct sales representative because they will have read every title and heard every speaker known on this topic.

When I first started my small business I was amazed at how much people talked about, spent on and attended personal development training courses. If you weren’t talking about the latest book author on personal development or had been at the latest personal development training course then were you really not even trying? Were you really one of those people who thinks they have it all together and personal development was for those that didn’t? I literally remember someone physically gasping when I said I had not read “Girl, Wash Your Face!” Tsk Tsk

What Personal Development Is

Unfortunately not everything is taught from a textbook or even YouTube video. Just like when we were in school, even college, you never really learn what life is really all about until you start working, living on your own and paying your own way. There are just things in life you have to learn on your own or with only guidance to help get you going.

Personal development has morphed into this topic everyone is talking about and yet no one has truly perfected. It’s the latest buzz word of how you should be evolving into a person who is continually growing and learning. In reality, personal development is a multi-faceted topic that means you are learning something about your self, developing or refreshing skills you have