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October Natural News

Oh Fall! It’s a happy-sad season for me. I enjoy the colors that we can go visit in the mountains and the apples we get up that way. I do also enjoy the lower humidity where we live but it reminds me that summer is now gone. The days of bright sun and warm breezes are turning cooler meaning its time for cuddly blankets and socks to feet that have gone use to being bare. It’s tans that are fading to bright sweaters. Fresh fruits and vegetables turning into warm soups. Fall has so much to offer and yet it is a time of change and necessity to say good-bye to summer.

Fall and winter are intended to be the seasons where we prepare to bring in our harvest and rest from our labors. Fall is a season of planting new life too as we have an opportunity to plant roots, renew the Earth and harvest. When I think of Fall like this it helps me realize the importance such as season is and how much I can use it to enrich my life. I can deepen the roots of my family through spending time with them picking apples, making homemade soups or playing. I can enjoy the warmth of the sun still on those warm Fall days but I also have the warmth of family that I can wrap my arms around tightly. Entering Fall with a bright heart welcoming warmth and love is one of the ways this season can be so special for all of us.

The Essence of October

What natural living in October looks like is a mix of flavor, color, scent and texture. All of our senses are wildly engaged in the kaleidoscope of sensation and experience this season brings. We are experiencing these changes against our skin in the clothes we are wearing, the foods we are eating are warmer and heartier and our activities while still busy are also slowing down. We are cuddling, reading, and taking time to reflect after the business and noise of the day.

October is a beautiful month to live more simply and naturally. Our spirits are seeking that connection to Earth and are drawn to the seasonal changes it is bringing to our lives. We watch the transformations of colors of the trees and internally we know that we too are ready for change.

It is instinctual and how nature speaks to us.

Using the power of this season helps us incorporate nature in our lives easier and realize we can do things differently. Making these changes is simpler during this season because we are more aware of their necessity and alert to their impact. We can see progress through the transformation and it is empowering while connected and grounded. We feel reflective on the lessons we have learned with all all of it coming together to support our change. If we capture the essence of this season it will lead us feeling more free and more abundant.

Exploring October

The blog this month is going to center on home life and all the ways we can experience the beauty, wonder and grace of Fall more naturally. It’s about supporting those we love and taking in all that is around us. Walking in Fall with awareness of its presence and wonder of its beauty is where we’re going together this month.

In addition to some beautiful posts I look forward to sharing with you this month, I have new wonderful education pieces on my website to help you explore how to support your hormonal health more naturally. Our hormonal health is key to so many aspects of our physical and emotional health and understanding how to support them so they can perform their best is key to improving your overall health. There is a great free eBOOK on the website you can download for 5 ways to improve your hormonal health right now.

More courses are coming soon and all include beautiful personal workbooks and self-guided content to help you explore, learn and transform your health and home. Offering these courses is so rewarding after month of labor putting them together. I think of the posts this month and the courses I’m rolling out as my harvest that I am sharing with you this season.

Happy Fall.

Are you ready to start your journey?

If you’re ready to experience transformation in your life through nature, click here:

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