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Oils for the Road

Whether going across town or across the country I will have a travel sized setup of essential oils with me. These oils are my first aid for a multitude of situations. In fact, I am writing this post while sitting on a layover in Dallas and was inspired to talk about this after a trip to a not so clean public restroom.

Travel setup is key for taking oils.

Airport security is no joke and there would be nothing worse than having to throw away oils because they were not able to pass security.

I purchased a small travel zippered pouch with 8 small drams in it for oils I carry in my purse.


These will go through airport security as part of allowed liquids or through TSA pre-check. Rollerballs and sprays I typically put in my checked luggage but they too could be put in your allowance of liquid if put all together in a quart sized bag.

Travel containers and accessories for oil travel are readily available on many websites including doterra.

My best advice is to stay updated on the rules for allowed liquids and amounts. Always err on side of caution and when in doubt put oils in your checked bag to avoid problems.

In my 8 dram travel pouch I always have with me:

  1. Frankincense for my facial routine and to help soothe travel rattled nerves

  2. Melaleuca again as part of my facial routine and for any cuts, scrapes, and disinfection needs

  3. Lavender for travel stress, sleep support and skin rashes, bug bites, sunburns

  4. Lemon for drinking water detox and cleaning surfaces

  5. Digestzen for digestion support on the road

  6. Peppermint for headaches, focus and centering

  7. On Guard for hand sanitizer, cleaning, immunity boost while traveling

  8. Jasmine purely because I love it and enjoy using it as an uplifting oil I apply to my hair and back of neck before starting my day

In my luggage I will carry some additional rollerballs and sprays including:

  1. Hotel spray ( see prior post for recipe)

  2. On Guard spray for backup cleaning and sanitizer

  3. Thyroid blend (rollerball of Lemongrass, Basil, Myrrh and Marjoram)

  4. Peace roller all for encouragement and reassurance

I’ve tried different combinations of oils when traveling and eventually realized I needed to focus on some key areas:

  1. Germ fighting

  2. Immunity booster

  3. Digestion support

  4. Sleep support

  5. Stress management

  6. Daily routine maintenance

  7. Cleaning

Some other ideas include:


Covering these areas helps define what oils to take on travel and how best to pack them. What’s in your travel kit?

Interested in more?

If you’d like to assemble your travel kit I’d be happy to help you! Reach out to me via this blog or

If you’d like to purchase oils, please use my website at

I will be happy to help you purchase oils at wholesale prices if interested.

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