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On Guard – The Concentrate Cleaner

As we’ve been gradually using up the various cleaners around our house I have been replacing most of them with ones I make from essential oils or ones I buy that contain less chemicals than the typical cleaners.

For instance I still use Murphy’s Oil Soap for my hardwood floors. It’s a cleaner I like and believe does a good job with the woods around our house. While it’s not entirely natural, it more so than some of the other cleaners I’ve found for hardwoods. It also isn’t terrible on price and a bottle will last a long time.  This is probably a cleaner I will continue to buy and use in our home as I still can’t find a compelling argument against the line in this commercial about Murphy’s Oil Soap.

I have started using the doTERRA On Guard Concentrate Cleaner for general wiping down, disinfecting and cleaning. So far, I’ve used this cleaner to wipe bathroom counters, kitchen counters, doors and doorknobs, light switches, table tops, tiles, the refrigerator doors and more. It says it is also safe for hardwood but I’ve not tried it there at this time.

On Guard Concentrate Cleaner, of course contains the On Guard essential oil blend. If you’ve not tried this before it’s a perfect blend for germ killing. I call it the natural Lysol.

On Guard Ingredients

  1. Wild Orange Peel

  2. Clove Bud

  3. Cinnamon Leaf

  4. Cinnamon Bark

  5. Eucalyptus Leaf

  6. Rosemary Leaf/Flower

This oil blend supports your immune and respiratory systems and is perfect to use at any sign you are coming down with something.  Often I will use a drop of the On Guard essential oil on the bottom of our feet before bed to ward off any sniffles and coughs.  I’ve also used the oil in our hand lotion bars (see previous post) in place of the harsh alcohol based hand sanitizers.

The oil and cleaner smell very nice but are not overpowering. I smell the orange and cinnamon the most when I use the cleaner.

It leaves the surfaces clean, without a haze or film. With all the ingredients the cleaner contains I know it also safely disinfected whatever I was cleaning.  It also makes a nice lather when mixed with water but does not leave bubbles on your counter tops.

A little does go along way when using this cleaner as it is highly concentrated.  I will use only 2 tablespoons per kitchen sink full of warm water. For the tougher sticky, greasy situations I will put a drop directly on my wet cleaning cloth and attack that way. This product has been our primary cleaner and disinfectant against germs this winter, particularly the devastating flu that continues to spread across our nation.

What are you using to fight the germs in your home?

Interested in more?

Please reach out with any questions you have about doTERRA On Guard Cleaner or any of their other products. We can be reached via this blog or email at

If you are interested in transforming your home with natural based products and oils, let me know! I’m happy to help you begin that journey. 

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