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Our Top 5 Singles

Here are the top 5 single doTERRA oils we use every single day in our home and how they help us.  With daily and consistent use incredible health benefits can be realized as these oils work repair, restore and reform our bodies and environment. Each brings different powers to support us physically and emotionally.

NOTE: Single refers to oils that are just one type and are not blended with others. Blend oils are combinations of multiple oils.



I use Frankincense every day in my morning moisturizer for my face. This oil helps with combating aging like wrinkles and dark spots. It also helps heal and generate new cells. I mix 2 drops in my moisturizer and apply evenly.

A drop of Frankincense goes under my tongue usually after I brush my teeth. This helps with mood, stress management and starting my day out with some positive outlook.

We diffuse Frankincense regularly to help with stress and anxiety. It pairs well with a lot of other oils to create some beautiful blends.



This oil also gets used in my daily facial routine to combat acne. It helps if I have a breakout or pimple that has popped up. I apply it neat to the pimple and within 2-3 days it’s gone. I use it daily to keep further breakouts from happening as well. After I apply my daily moisturizer I put 2 drops of Melaleuca in my hands and apply over the areas where I typically break out.

Melaleuca is also great for cleaning and is my go-to for purifying the air, cleaning surfaces, deodorizing laundry and scrubbing potties.

This is also a first aid kit oil to help with cuts and wounds that need to be cleaned. It helps eliminate bacteria and heal the skin. The oil naturally heals the skin.



I like Lavender in my diffuser at night. It is pretty, simple and happy. I have a bed linen spray that I like to use on the blankets, sheets and pillows to keep them fresh and our bedroom a calm sanctuary.

Lavender is also a first kit oil for its use with treating sunburns, bug bites, rashes, bruises and scars.  It is gentle to the skin and can be applied with lotion or neat to the skin.

Lavender is also used for fever reduction in children.

I also like this oil in my shower. It is a great add in to the soap and scrubs we make and provides some incredible skin benefits to detox your skin and help it regenerate new skin cells.


wa-peppermint (1).jpg

This oil gets used in my diffuser when I’m working because of its properties to help us focus and deal with details. It is great as well inside motorcycle helmets and other areas where high alertness is needed.

I also use Peppermint for digestive support. It helps with heartburn and supporting a healthy digestive tract.

Peppermint is also great at pest control.



My go-to citrus oil is Tangerine. I love the balance of this oil and its sweetness. It is an excellent diffuser oil to use when you want to create an uplifting and happy aroma.

Tangerine is also great as a surface cleaner around the house. Mix with a little water and white vinegar and you have a fantastic kitchen counter cleaner.

I will often put 2-3 drops of this oil in my drinking water for a pick-me-up in the afternoons.

Interested in more?

Using essential oils is easy and inexpensive to replace other products in your home while realizing some wonderful health benefits.

If you are interested in learning more or have questions about essential oils, please let me know. There is never any obligation to buy. If you decide you do want to purchase oils and start a natural health transformation in your life and home I’m happy to help you find the oils perfect for you. 

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