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Powered by Flowers

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Flowers may look pretty, bring us joy and smell great but underneath those colorful petals are some significant powers we can use every day. Realizing we have what we need to protect, boost, improve and even build on our health both physically and mentally through flowers is true power and is something we all have access to.

When we receive flowers as a gift or get some for ourselves we feel different. There are feelings of being loved, appreciated, honored and even humbled. Regardless of the type of flower received we feel a happiness by just looking at them. I love cutting flowers from my backyard and having them in a vase in our kitchen. It makes me happy and I enjoy them because they are pretty and the satisfaction knowing I grew those flowers. I can’t explain these feelings but I clearly know them when I see flowers in the kitchen. Likewise, it is well known that patients in hospitals are known to feel better and be happier when they have flowers in their room during recovery. Our brains register good feelings we associate from flowers. There is a chemical reaction in our brain that triggers these emotions and feelings that can spread to our physical health all because we enjoy seeing and smelling a flower.

Little girl smelling a white gerber

Increasing those feelings by bottling that flower enables us to take flower power to whole different level emotionally and physically. Through small drops of pure essential oils in the air we breathe or applied through our skin we can improve our mood, lift spirits and ease anxiety and nervousness. Flowers won’t change our circumstances but when we feel better emotionally and physically we are more open to building on those improvements and continuing what feels good to us.

All this month, we have explored different flowers and their healing properties both physically and emotionally. We have looked at their interesting nicknames and colorful histories that led to what we know about these plants today. I find it absolutely fascinating when I read about how an ancient people discovered basic elements like flowers and figured out how to use them to support their needs in a a time when there wasn’t electricity, technology or even much information available. These early records teach us the value of considering how much nature plays a role in our health and how much we really have that can be used to create wellness. We may not deal with plagues today but we do have some very scary diseases and illnesses in our modern society that are just as major as a plague had to be. Understanding how we can manage preventing and possibly even curing and restoring our health from these severe conditions needs to include all possible options, including natural health treatments that can come from a flower.

Continuing the work of these early people and exploring how to use plants and flowers in our lives can have a meaningful impact that is both healthy and economical. Simply reducing our dependency on chemicals so we can proactively restore our body’s ability to support our health is an incredible transformation that can occur through the use of high quality and pure essential oils. Many of the same flowers used by ancient people continue to have the healing benefits and support we need to be healthy and well. If time is a true test of quality and results then I say flowers have surpassed it time and again for what they are capable of doing for us.

Even if you don’t believe natural medicine works or are skeptical about essential oils, consider how lovely it is to smell a flower compared to a manufactured perfume. Consider how you feel when you see a bouquet or arrangement of fresh flowers compared to artificial ones. That difference is sometimes subtle but enough for each of us to realize we can all benefit from including more nature in our life.

Interested in more?

Having flowers in our life is a happy thing and doesn’t require a special occasion. We can also enhance that flower experience by incorporating their benefits into our health every day.

If you have questions or need assistance please reach out. I’m happy to help you find the resources and information to help you on your natural health journey.

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