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Sense With Scents

There are quite a few articles floating around lately about the harm essential oils are causing on families and pets. While accidents can happen and there can be different reactions to oils, I hope these stories are not because of misuse.

Essential oils need to be handled responsibly. This means understanding how to use, purposes of use and the benefits and side effects from use.

To me responsible use includes:

1. Safety

Understanding how to use oils safely on yourself, your family, the pets and your home. Become educated.

Essential oils are potent and improper use, like applying too much, can cause problems. Don’t use until fully understanding the ways to use the oil or using it incorrectly.

They should be treated like medicine and handled with care and respect.

2. Purpose

Each oil has a purpose and some have many purposes that are beneficial. Take the time to read and research the oils purposes, benefits and sourcing.

Experience the oil individually before you mix it with other oils, to see how you, your family, pets and home respond to it. Like medicine, each of us responds differently to different types of treatments.

3. Common sense

In all things use basic common sense.

When in doubt take a minute to think about it.

Don’t just dump a bunch of oils in your diffuser and then wonder why your pets are acting ill and your head hurts.

4. Quality matters

Unlike pharmaceuticals, it is not advised to use generics for essential oil. Check ingredients, sourcing and quality before purchasing and using.

Even if you do all of the above correctly, if you’re using poor quality product and chemical based oils you could be causing harm.

I use doTERRA because the company has integrity and only provides 100% pure oils, I can trust them. There are others like them available and there are others who claim to be like this. Know where your oils come from and that it can be shown they are pure. See it for yourself and don’t it for granted.

Last summer WedMD published this article about some of the misuse they have seen:

Interested in more?

Reach out if you have any questions or need help with your oils.

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