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Sharing a Touch is Powerful

One of the services my hair salon does is a scalp massage with essential oils while you’re getting shampooed. It is a simple yet decadent couple minutes that changes the whole experience every time. The last time I was in there getting my hair done I even said that it tied everything together so beautifully and I deeply appreciated it. The truth is it does feel good. It is a simple little treat that isn’t necessary but certainly lends to that experience of being cared for and treated well.

My hair dresser and I agreed that two minute scalp massages are often the only way most women get that type of touch in their days. Most of the time we are the last on our own lists for being cared for and being touched is more about us caring for others. As natural nurturers we are the ones touching, comforting, massaging and caring. It is not often that gets returned to us. Certainly we can schedule massages but when something as simple as a couple minutes spent having someone massaging your scalp happens it feels special. It feels like an unexpected gift in an otherwise busy, chaotic, overwhelming day.

Being able to provide someone that comfort through our touch is powerful. I consider it a super power. Just by holding someone, caressing their arm, massaging their back or neck, giving them a small squeeze it can change the world for someone else. There are so few things in our life that have that kind of power. My heart breaks at the limitations imposed last year preventing common hugs, touches and experiences like this and what that has done to our mental well-being.

Touch is the sense that can bring us to the present, here and now to feel, experience and center ourselves. It doesn’t take a full body massage to create that either. Something simple like holding hands or sharing a gentle hug can awaken it. We can be comforted, feel love and caring, stronger, assured, connected and so much more through the power of touch. Touch goes directly to our cells and brain bringing about a transformation in how we feel both physically and mentally. It can happen in mere minutes! No other health care protocol is as quick or effective as simple touch.

Touch is a cornerstone of living naturally. By the regular experience of touch in a caring way we boost our immunity, confidence and general well-being. It also helps us be more mindful which in turn can help us deal better with stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. When we feel better we make different choices in our life including what we eat and how we move our body which can help our physical health as well. All possible by the experience of a caring touch we can change our health.

I am particularly fond of the doTERRA AromaTouch experience. I became certified in this system in order to provide it to my family regularly and of course my clients and friends. It is a protocol of oils applied to the spine and back, hands and feet that creates relaxation and promotes the immunity boosting powers of health through a sequence of motions applied through touch. I find when I do this service to someone I too experience from it because of the motions and aromas of the oils used. It is gentle, relaxing and just plain feels good.

In my experience, the use of good quality essential oils like doTERRA enhances the experience further. It provides the absorption of that touch into our cells where healing, promotion of health and building well-being can occur in our body. Aromatically oils also linger with us to remind us of that experience and we can use that to re-center and ground ourselves when facing challenges and stress. Touch and smell senses are connected through our memory and can be used to trigger responses to help us when we feel uncertain or overwhelmed. I like to think of it as calling on our super powers in times of need.

I believe the power of touch should be shared as much as possible in our health care. We certainly have ground to make up for in the loss of it through the pandemic. Many of us were alone and unable to hug others and that wore on our mental health and impacted our physical well-being. We became more self-centered through our phones and devices connecting through video and highlight reels but that does not replace the physical connection and healing that occurs when we are present with one another. It is a poor substitute for the senses that promote well-being.

If a simple touch can help us individually imagine what it could do on a community level? We can all admit we focus on ourselves through distraction of our phones or insecurities of how to interact with others in social settings. There is more than enough political, cultural and religious discord separating us as well. I believe touch is a very direct way to repair our relationships and society with one another. It reminds us all we are human and starts to break down the walls we have built around us that are isolating and separating.

To live naturally is to live with our senses awakened and experiencing what promotes us feeling our best. The sharing of a touch is one of the most powerful ways to accomplish that. Including good quality essential oils (I use doTERRA) is an incredible way to boost that experience too. For more, please visit my website at

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