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Summer Flavor

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I love summer and all that comes with it. The hot humid weather, cool refreshing water to swim, lazy days and relaxed evenings. It’s fun, light and easy going. There’s usually some flexibility on the schedule and we can make weekends longer with short trips or even just a fun filled weekend at home.

Nothing says summer like making food on the grill. Steaks, chicken, burgers and hot dogs or even veggies, shrimp and pizza. It’s all possible and it’s all delicious. There’s something about carrying your food outside to be cooked on an open flame that just adds natural flavor you can’t replicate any other way.

Now just because grilling outdoors adds natural flavor and ambiance doesn’t mean you still don’t need to season, marinate or at least salt and pepper whatever it is you’re going to be grilling. The great news is this too can be done naturally to add pure flavoring and seasoning that is just right and perfect for further enhancing those summertime flavors.

Marinades and Sauces

When it comes to grilling meats and seafood everyone has their favorite way to season. Briskets rubbbed with brown sugar and spices. Burgers deeply salted and peppered with a touch of special spice. Chicken and steaks marinated in a deep rich sauce. Mouth watering just thinking about it.

Making your own marinate is simple and can be done to include pure natural ingredients. Doing so insures you are not adding preservatives and truly bringing out the meats natural flavorings. Here are a couple of my favorites:


Fruit is like summer’s bounty. It’s so easy and inexpensive in the summer months and the tastes are fresh. Including a fruit salad or fruit dish on your summer menus provides that sought after sweetness without the guilt. Plus fruit has water and other vitamins that our bodies need year round.

I love this simple fruit salsa that pairs well with bagel chips, tortilla chips or anything else you want to dip into it. It also works very well on fish tacos!

Interested in more?

Summer food is easy to fix, fun to eat and full of natural flavor that is satisfying and fulfilling. If you’re using oils that you’re not comfortable including in your food then I would ask if they are really safe to be diffusing or applying to your skin too. doTERRA’s essential oils are 100% therapeutic pure and of the highest quality you will find. They are also economical making them well worth having in your spice cabinet for summer foods.

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