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Thanksgiving Week BOGO – Day 2

Day 2 of the doTERRA BOGOs is incredible!!!!!

If you have not checked out the post that was published November 12 on how the doTERRA BOGOs work and how you can maximize savings during these specials please check it out here:

Each day this week I will post the BOGO deal of the day. You have just 24 short hours to order that special.

Today’s BOGO is:

Why These are Great!

Tumeric is a new oil doTERRA brought out in September. It is so incredibly powerful and effective! The stories that have been going viral on social media with personal experiences from using this oil are amazing!

This informative post by doTERRA explains why this oil works so well over other forms of this spicy root and why you don’t even need Black Pepper, which is often recommended for use alongside Tumeric, when you use doTERRA’s Tumeric essential oil.

Tumeric is helpful for blood and circulatory support including cholesterol, blood pressure and for anti-inflammatory needs. It is also wonderful to use in place of that spice you have your kitchen when cooking!  You can also use it for bug bites, coughs, arthritis, gout, and ulcer support.

This oil can be used oil internally, aromatically and topically.

The other oil in today’s BOGO is Lavender!

I cannot say enough about the many, many uses for Lavender. It is a wonderful BOGO partner to Tumeric as both help with the circulatory system and are wonderful when paired together to help with skin needs as well.

doTERRA’s Lavender essential oil is pure and wonderful. You can use it for cooking and baking. Lavender essential oil adds a wonderful twist to cream cheese frosting!

Like Tumeric, Lavender also helps with blood pressure concerns as well as headaches and migraines.  You can also use it topically for sunburns, bug bites, fevers, sleep support and more!

Oh my goodness, you can even use it in your laundry in place of those toxic laundry scent booster products!  I apply 2-3 drops on wool dryer balls and toss them in. I refresh the dryer balls with additional oils about every 3 loads.

If you’re looking for a great holiday gift this is it!

Don’t Have An Account?

You can get a doTERRA account TODAY and enjoy the BOGO deal!

What is absolutely perfect about this for a person getting an account today is not only will you have a savvy saving account, a great collection of starter oils and a BOGO deal BUT you also get $50 in free products!

Interested in more?

This is a great daily BOGO that you can only get through midnight 11/20.

If you have questions please reach out so I can help you.

Opening an account is super easy and takes only a couple minutes. There is never any obligation to purchase and you have complete flexibility to fit your needs. Get your account today!

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