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The Art of Traveling Naturally

I have done a lot of work travel in my career. I’ve been fortunate to be one of those frequent travelers that gets the automatic upgrades and preferred check-in processes. When I lost those statuses when I reduced my travel I realized how spoiled I had become. However, it reminded me of the fine art to traveling that even non-status casual travelers can use to make their trip easier. Over time I have learned quite a few things that make traveling for work and pleasure easier to pack for, travel with and deal with when I get home.

On my last work trip I realized spring had started to show up on people’s calendars. There is a marked change in travelers you find in an airport at certain times of the year. For instance anytime starting in early November airlines switch their schedules for more holiday travelers. It makes planning a business trip complex as times are not often as convenient as they were just a month prior. It also means the airports will be crammed with all kinds of travelers and delays are likely. This time of year it’s spring break people traveling. Families, college kids and the like are filtering in to the airports lugging their carry-on bags and gear for some much deserved fun. I am always amazed at what people bring on a trip.

Here’s my checklist for traveling naturally. This means traveling with what you need but also including creature comforts that make the trip comfortable. These are things I commonly use for my regular travel and have adopted when we travel as a family.

  • Hard-sided luggage is a must for me. I’ve over having my bags come out with black marks or ripped from the luggage system or damp and dirty from the weather as they are carried plane to airport. With hard-sided luggage you can wipe it down with a natural cleaner and they last longer.

  • Mesh zippered compartment bags are my absolute must! Mine came from LL Bean but there are plenty of options available everywhere. The ones I have are dual sided so on one side I can keep clean clothes and the other dirty. It also makes my suitcase hold more and these cases can hold a lot! I use a large one for my work or travel clothes. A medium one for intimates and workout or fun clothes. A small one for my bathroom items. This leaves plenty of room in my suitcase for shoes, umbrella, diffuser, oils and anything else I’m taking

  • Diffuser. I always take my doTERRA AromaLite diffuser with me. It has over 400,000 airline miles on it in fact and I can’t even count how many hotel nights. This diffuser is durable and travels well. I use a diffuser in my hotel room to make it feel like home, remove odors and support my needs like sleep, stress relief, immunity support and more.

  • Oils. I always travel with doTERRA essential oils. I will have oils to use for skin care, immunity, first aide, aromatic needs and more. I keep them in a zippered soft-sided oil case or small make up bag depending on how many I’m taking.

These are the oils I commonly take on travel -both work and pleasure:

  • doTERRA OnGuard – great for disinfecting surfaces, wiping down hotel remotes and door handles, immunity support and protection

  • doTERRA Frankincense – for skincare, relaxation, anxiety relief and personal fragrance

  • doTERRA Yarrow/POM – for skincare, moisturizing face and body, stress support & metabolism

  • doTERRA Lemon – for drinking water and hot tea

  • doTERRA Melaleuca/Tea Tree – for the pimple, zit and unsightly appearance of blemishes I sometimes get while traveling

  • doTERRA Lavender – for the diffuser and as skin care support for rashes, burns, irritants and allergies

  • doTERRA Peppermint – for coffee and tea, energizing and supportive of immunity

  • doTERRA Forgive – for releasing offenses encountered during travel and keeping my sanity. Beautiful to wear and diffuse

  • doTERRA Passion – for creativity, inspiration support which sometime we need to be creative in our travel don’t we?

I will bring in a few more oils depending on what I am focusing on in my health but these are my common ones that always seem to find their way into my bag. I put my oils and diffuser in my checked-bag luggage. I do carry a key chain set of 1/4 drams of oils I need on the go and many of these will be the same to what I listed above.

In addition to my oils and diffuser I also have with me supplements. As you know from reading my blog regularly I use the doTERRA Life Long Vitality supplements. They are reliable, high quality and and the only vitamins I’ve ever taken that don’t give me an upset stomach and vitamin burbs. When I travel I have a travel pill case where I setup what I need each day so it’s easy to take them while traveling.

Other tips I have for as a seasoned traveler:

  • Be ready to go through the TSA checkpoints. Have your ID out an be ready to move through that line. Have your bags ready to empty where needed and move as quickly as you can.

  • Pay attention. Crime happens even in airports. Watch your surroundings and be aware of who is around you. I have seen purses stolen out of restaurants, bathrooms and even in the gate area!

  • Have pockets. In your jacket, pants or something to hold necessities – you never know what you need to have at your fingertips

  • Wash your hands at every opportunity – I use OnGuard Sanitizing Spray on my hands all the time while traveling and soap and water when I have the chance

  • Take only what you need. I love my heavy thick pillow at home too but its impractical to take on an airplane.

  • Be realistic with your bags. I hate paying bag charges too but it is what it is when you travel. You know if your bag isn’t going to fit in the overhead bin well ahead of time, budget and pay for the checked bag

  • Be aware of the food you bring on the plane. We are all cramped in a small space on top of one another. There is nothing worse than deplaning and smelling like your onion topped burger on my way to a meeting as soon as we land (personal pet peeve)

Where you going for spring break and what are your top 3 things to pack?

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