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The Cost of Clean

Let’s face it, many of us would rather not spend time on weekends or anytime in fact having to clean our homes. It is of course a necessary evil. What makes it even more unpleasant is what it can cost to clean your home. Seriously, buying cleaning products like toilet cleaner is not a dream I ever had and it’s expensive!


Many of us still clean our own homes ourselves whether for financial or personal preference but there is still a cost attached to hiring it out or doing it yourself.  The luxury of having someone clean your home is wonderful but even with hiring it out there is a product cost of either you supplying the products or it is built into the cost of the service.

Regardless of method you use in your home, there is also the thought of what you’re cleaning your home with in terms of products. The labels of some of the cleaners are listed with toxic chemicals that while promising a lemony scent and promise of clean are in some cases wrecking havoc on your home’s environment that could be causing problems with the air quality, damage to surfaces and health issues for you, your family and pets.

I have been switching many of our home cleaners to natural cleaners using essential oils and natural ingredients. This has greatly reduced the chemicals we have in our home and I notice not only a less harsh smell of what clean smells like in our home but I’ve also started realizing some financial savings from this change. We sometimes have this tendency to think organic, natural or simple is more expensive. In some cases, that can be true but in this case I have actually found the opposite.

Below is what I worked up to figure out the savings of using essential oil based cleaners compared to other products I was using in my home.

clean cost

The costs of the traditional products are an average by product based on what I saw the product for sale at these stores: