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The Diet Illness

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Almost every time I start out on a new weight loss goal or exercise regime in the past it would without fail result in me catching a cold or becoming sick with something within a couple weeks of starting. From colds, sinus infections, sore throats, stomach bugs and even things that came with fevers and chills, it always seemed to happen just when I’d start a new diet. It was like I was allergic to getting healthy and my body was revolting against salads, kale smoothies and exercise. I kindly called it the “diet illness” and it didn’t result in me eating better, exercising more or losing weight that stayed off.

There I would be wanting to just crawl into bed and eat chicken soup while taking mountains of over the counter and sometimes prescription medications to push through a workday.  This occurring just after I was starting to tell myself kale smoothies and time on a treadmill wasn’t that bad.  I’m seriously not so sure which was worse to be honest but I definitely didn’t like being sick.

After recovering from these illnesses, I never seemed to return to the diet or working out. I would tell myself I still needed time to recover or build up to starting over again. The thought of going on the treadmill was deflating. Kale smoothies? Well, the kale would have gone bad in the fridge by now since I stopped using it when I got sick and it was conveniently left off the grocery list for next time. The whole ordeal was demotivating and discouraging so why bother?

Was it the Kale?

While there are actually food allergies which I personally believe are the result of a broken food system full of chemicals, pesticides and toxins, I don’t think we can be allergic to getting healthy. How that is achieved however can leave us susceptible to illnesses and diseases. With so many potential risks and current problems in our food system and ideas about what is defined as healthy it is of little wonder any of us can be considered healthy at all.

Many of us start out on a new diet with the goal of losing weight or reducing our risk for a condition or even a disease. We go “cold turkey” in elimination of foods and products our bodies are used to eating. This is great to do in the long run of our goal but the initial upstart of that switch leaves our bodies in a shocked state not knowing how to process this new food coming in that is so different than what it had been receiving.

The problem is we haven’t prepared our bodies or even detoxed them so they can use the new healthy food we will be giving it. Instead we’ve just switched and are now expecting our preservative and sugar clogged cells to immediately respond to using this new food. Sadly, they don’t know how so our body goes in overdrive trying to convert to a new system.

When we combine this cold turkey diet style with new exercise activities we are further challenging our body to respond to extreme conditions it simply is not prepared to manage. This all adds up to our immunity system trying to support everything going on with these changes and we are left open to common germs and illnesses that result in sickness.

This style of diet and exercise may work for some but for me it clearly did not. Given the number of people who start a resolution to lose weight every year and then quickly give up I’m thinking it doesn’t work them either.

You Need Kale?

Rather than jump in the deep end of dieting and exercise without any preparation that can result in the diet illnesses, why not this time try it differently?

First, start with a clear plan of what you want to do and what you think will work best for your body, lifestyle and how you manage changes. (NOTE: Go back to our January 2019 blog posts on self-love for some great tips on ways to make this plan.)

I recommend a detox phase in the startup period as a way to clean out what’s going on in your body and get your cells and systems ready for a change. This is a great way to purge and clean out your body but also ease into a diet shift. Some detoxes are really harsh so I recommend the doTERRA Cleanse & Restore kit. It has everything you need to have a comfortable, (uhem, non bathroom emergency) cleanse while giving your body what it needs to do the cleaning itself.

We want our bodies to do the work because that is what will make them strong when we start adding in other things like lean proteins, whole foods and even kale. This kit also helps you long term manage your goals through the Life Long Vitality supplements. These are complete supplements our bodies need to process food, convert it to energy, support healthy cell regeneration, support our circulatory systems and more!

Set mini-goals or phases of transition that gradually change your diet and increase your exercise. This gives your body time to adjust and welcome these changes versus being overwhelmed and stressed with no recourse.

Support yourself during this change in a loving way by including other natural products that will help your mind and body further adjust. Here’s what I recommend.

OnGuard – we need our immunity boosted during changes so we are protected against risks that can make us ill. Apply nightly to your feet bottoms and use as a cleanser to your hands. Can also be used as a household cleaner.

DigestZen – as we change our diets, it’s likely we’ll see an increase in indigestion, gas, and other unpleasant stomach area needs. This is normal as our body shifts from processing junk to whole foods and other good for you things.

TerraZyme – helps our bodies break down foods so we can use them where needed and eliminate the things that are of no value to us. So, even if you have not completely cleaned up your diet yet or are enjoying an ultimate cheat day, TerraZyme supports your digestion to ensure foods are used and eliminated optimally.

Interested in more?

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a stressful situation where you end up sick!

Let me help you find the ideal natural items to set you up for success and finally reach those healthy goals.

With a wholesale account you have access to receive all the items in this post and others that will help you on your goals for at least 25% off. There is never an obligation to minimally purchase each month and you have complete control over what and when you select doTERRA items. Let’s get connected and setup your account today!

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