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The Diet Purge

Posted on January 10, 2020 by dragonspitapothecary

Did you start a diet on January 1?

Was weight loss or being more healthy on your resolution list for this year?

On January 1 there were more people dieting than there will be at any other time in this year. Now that we are approaching the middle of January many of us have already encountered challenges in our diet. We are hungry, tired, challenged and maybe even “hangry” in our attempts to align with a so-called healthy eating plan. Some of us have even given up at this point accepting defeat against the uphill battle of trying to lose a few pounds.

To lose a few pounds or a lot of pounds we start with our diets usually. Perhaps even diets and exercise but the majority of us will say we are going on a diet. On any given day someone will tell another they are on a diet. It seems logical to consider that if we “clean up” or change how we eat we can improve our weight and health. Yet with as many options for diets as there are available, why aren’t more of us successful at achieving our weight loss goals?

The Year the Diet Died

Can we in the year 2020 finally stop calling it a diet?

This simple 4 letter word has become a beacon of disappointment, frustration and dread for many before they even have a chance to start “dieting.” It even sounds like an uphill climb that most of us look at and keep walking past. Call it what it is! Getting healthy. Taking control of our health. Fitting into cute jeans. Or whatever else we are doing to achieve a beautiful outcome on that is purpose-filled and meaningful to us. Calling it “doing my goal of fitting into a bikini” is much more intentional and meaningful than saying “I’m going on a diet.” Look diets are not roller coasters we wait in line to get on and hope we don’t fall off during the ride.

I think for any diet to be successful we have to first get real about why we are dieting. This includes our goals of fitting into that old favorite pair of jeans stuck in the back of our closet but it also means getting deep about our real reason for taking this on. Are we tired of feeling bad, tired or sick all