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The Harm in Saying "I'm Fine."

Wouldn't it be nice to actually respond "I'm fine" and mean it? Emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically being fine and knowing it to be 100% true.

This is where it is absolutely necessary we stop falling for the lie that there is nothing we can do about what we are experiencing and feeling. This is where we stop letting stress dictate how we should feel and respond in order to live. It is where we decide we are active consumers in our health and we want more for the value and quality of our life in terms of health and well-being.

At the very core of this situation is the realization being fine is more than a word. It is learning to reawaken our entire being and listening to it in a way it can be supported for improving and supporting our health. It is knowing the aches, pains, headaches, inflammation and low energy are not the result of aging but rather the collection of lifestyle events and activities that have not been good for us.

Fine and not-fine get crystal clear and we get comfortable speaking up with its the latter. We feel it and we know it's off and we want to do something about it. That's where we move from the gray area of fine to building a healthy fine that makes us feel our best every day.

Yes, I'm saying its time to get real about our health and stop buying into the marketing messages of pharmacy companies about what health looks like as well as the processed foods and soda manufacturers that show us what healthy eating consists of. Fine for you is no longer a zero calorie plastic wrapped fake thing we try to soothe our feelings using.

If you truly want to be fine and mean it, you have to do more than wishful think and hope for it. That can happen on a large and small scale in our life but it won't happen at all until it starts at our restlessness in the state of fine grayness.

The first step I take with clients awakening to this idea we don't have to settle in our health is the very basics. How much water should you drink? What colors are the foods in your diet? How many hours of sleep do you get? These fundamental things lead to the larger questions of where things hurt, why they hurt and for how long that's been going on.

Your body has an incredible ability to heal and it is was made for growing and thriving. Things do slow down as we age but not to the extent we see people growing old before their time and not living a quality life full of energy until that point.

I feel like this is the magic that has been hushed in the overflow of big pharma advertising and doctor's reference books to match symptoms to pills. We don't have to take prescriptions for everything. In fact we usually need very few to no prescriptions if we take care of ourselves.

Somewhere we have lost the knowledge about how to do that well. It is more than a healthy diet and exercise too. The distortion of what it means to be healthy and fine and perfect have all meshed together into this incomprehensible mess where no one knows how to do those things anymore.

Yet, this is exactly where holistic health comes in. It is the return of natural medicine where we listen to the body and let it tell us what it needs rather than matching its symptoms to pills. Its where nutrition is the medicine. Using herbs and food as medicine is not an exciting new concept but it has been pushed aside in pursuit of faster and better that isn't helping us feel fine.

What I like to tell my clients is holistic health is the center where your body guides the path to healing. It dictates the protocol and we learn from its wisdom. It does have such wisdom too. The ancient modalities of Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic, and others have all persisted through times just like these when man thought he knew better than nature.

If you want to be fine and mean it, we have to turn back to our core design and build health from the inside out with nature. We are after all not manufactured but rather created. We were meant to be more than fine.

I hope the next time you say it, you mean it.

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