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The Luxury of Saying Yes

Saying yes sometimes feels like taking a chance. It is that opportunity knocking feeling where you just go with the moment and see where it leads. It feels like a luxury; that sense of now is the right time to see what is ahead. Why not and you only live once thoughts pass through your mind. You just say yes and a rush come over you as if your feet lift off the floor in knowing this is the right yes to say. You are not thinking of what could go wrong only how good it feels in this exact moment of knowing what is possible.

It is hard to say yes. Despite how great it makes us feel we struggle with letting it in. We are worried what that one single word will commit us to doing. What does it cost to say yes? We don’t want to take too big of a risk and wind up giving more than we get from it. There is risk to a yes. Maybe we’re worrying for nothing and it truly is a golden egg opportunity but still it makes our stomach dance with butterflies. We stop ourselves thinking it too good to be true. We seek advice and hear others express doubt and discouragement that we let feed our own. If we’re not careful we quickly let it consume us and the glittering hope of a yes becomes a no.

No is easier to say because it doesn’t create change in our life. There is still risk but we think it’s safer, more comfortable and least resistant. No may not feel as good but it is reliable. We may be left wondering what if but we can take comfort in knowing what we have is consistent. Why risk it if you don’t have to, right? Why change things because there’s a chance it won’t work and we’ll look foolish? Who wants to look a fool anyway? It’s better to say no. Sure it’s not as glamourous or exciting but maybe those feelings are just overrated.

How many times I have said no when I should have said yes. I should have and could have experienced a whole new level of living if I had only said yes. I could have achieved goals faster, saved more money, reached for the stars and more but I was too afraid. I stopped myself because of a risk I wasn’t sure I could turn into a positive outcome. Of course I have no way of knowing if that was really a risk or my own mind stopping me from taking that step. There is an appeal to saying yes that feels luxurious as if I have shed what weighs me down and yet I’m afraid to appear naked. It’s safer to say what if or maybe one day.

The luxury of yes is allusive. It sparks my interest and it sets my heart open to possibilities. It feels good and gives me an energy I have been lacking. It moves me to things that feel like warm light pouring on my skin recharging me. Knowing how good this feels it can only be natural to want to feel this way as much as possible right? Yet, why do I resist it? Why do I say no when I really want to say yes? Why do I hold myself back from what could be? Why is fear stronger than than this feeling that makes me happy?

I believe we are not meant to live restrictively. We are not meant to have so many times we tell ourselves no. I believe we are meant to live naturally well in comfort and luxury. Not the luxury of television where there is excessive wealth flaunted and exclusive but rather luxury that makes us feel our best. The luxury of knowing we have what we need and can take care of ourselves, living a good life filled with happiness, contentment and inspiration. The luxury of feeling comfortable in our own skin, motivated and energized by what we do and seeing the beauty in the world. That luxury cannot be bought because it is an energy within us that comes from saying yes to what is right for us and letting it set us free.

Saying yes is like opening a special gift just for us. We are radiant in that moment, consumed with all that is around us. We see things differently, clearly even. Surfaces feel new to our touch and our senses are awakened. It feels right, good, solid, and custom for us. It is like a refreshing rain washing away the last of winter so things can finally burst forth in new growth. Where there was once stark bleakness is now green and lush. It took saying yes to change and letting it free to bring forth new opportunities.

When we say yes to living naturally well, we say yes to luxury. We say yes to new ways of thinking, feeling, acting and being. We say yes to feeling our best and pursuing dreams once held back from our reality. We feel energized and motivated by new energy soaring through our hearts and a willingness to step forward on a new path that we avoided for too long. Yes it is uncomfortable, change always is but it feels right. We bravely go into it knowing we can deal with what comes and make it our own. We say yes.

In this new year, say yes to yourself. Say yes to your health. Say yes to your dreams. Say yes to what is ahead. Living naturally well in a luxury of yes.

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PS – this blog is dedicated to my husband, Scott, my biggest fan and source of strength. This blog is intentionally published on our 13th wedding anniversary, today, February 15. The day we said yes to each other and gave love another chance in our lives.

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