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The Natural Flow of Small Business

I have operated Dragonspit Apothecary for almost 3 1/2 years now while working full time. To say it’s easy wouldn’t be always true yet it has been rewarding, worthwhile and a constant reminder of what I really want most in my work life. There is a flow to my business that makes it adaptable to my needs and gives me a free range space to work on my dreams. In that respect it pays me in more than just dollars.

When I started this business, I had no grand dream of how big or little it would become. It was a creative outlet at a time I needed a distraction. It offered solace from the corporate burnout and small glimmer of hope that I was actually able to make something of myself in my life. Like most small businesses it has taken a while to get off the ground and there are times I wish it would go faster yet it has been consistent in small progress. More than anything I have grown the most in this journey.

When people talk to me about direct sales, I have learned that one type of business is not so much different from another. It is all a matter of our own willingness to be fully involved in the journey and realizing we are stepping away from the employee mindset with each step. There is fear and uncertainty at times because it can feel like we may not succeed but at the same time you’re filled with a certain instinct that you can make it. You can beat the odds. You can take it farther than you think.

The other great thing I have learned is that success and failure both rest with me. There is no one else to blame in this situation, not even my upline. Every decision, every action and every outcome is my own. That is a responsibility not many of us are used to in our work. We all think we’re ready for it but then when we’re faced with it we often realize we don’t know what we’re doing. I always saw that scenario as the time to be brave, use what I knew to do and go slow. It may be why my business has grown slow as a result but I’d rather build it solid and once than constantly see the need to rebuild and start over.

For those that think direct selling products is a scam, consider how you buy products you need and want. Would you rather buy them from a big box store that doesn’t deliver the service or someone you know? Everyone is selling something and if given the choice between buying from a corporation and a friend I think it speaks volumes who you choose.

The truth is direct selling is nothing more than selling a product to someone. Whether that product was made by the person or they are a representative for it, there is still a sale being made. It is where we bring out the true relationship, connection, level of service and meaning behind that purchase we begin to see the difference is not in what the product is but rather who is selling it. When we support each other as small business owners we support our own communities, neighbors and friends instead of just contributing to higher stock prices of some big entity like Amazon.

When we sell from a place of genuineness it becomes an extension of who we are as a person. We bring forth our true natural self we become more confident in what we are doing because it’s not an act we’re putting on. We really do care about our customers and those we are helping because that’s who we are all the time. The best way I can describe this is when I go to my corporate job I’m a different person than how I show up for my Dragonspit Apothecary business. I feel more like myself in my business because I can be. It’s a place where I don’t have to impress anyone or be concerned with who is assessing me. I can just be me.

The natural flow of direct selling is an act of connection between two people that is so much more beautiful than the passing of money. It allows for enrichment to our lives. When done right, it creates long lasting relationships where we count on each other and we are meeting each others needs. That too just isn’t something you can pick up at the Home Depot. This is about experiencing trust, loyalty and all the good things that make us want to shop somewhere and know that whatever we buy is perfect for us.

So the next time someone asks you to host a party or look at their products, do it! The next time you hear of an opportunity for selling something consider if it is for you. There is no greater way to change our economy, fix our food system, improve our health and communities and live better than shopping small. Bringing back that element of enrichment in our shopping experience is what generates more positive changes in our life on top of just getting better quality products.

For information on what I do with doTERRA as part of Dragonspit Apothecary’s business plan, please visit my website at

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